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348 Fall 2015

The path of the tornado veered

away from the track at the very last

minute, avoiding a disaster of im-

mense proportions. That didn’t save

the meal, however. Everyone fled the

tent before the first bratwurst could be

consumed. Anyone requesting a re-

fund of their meal ticket after the

storm had passed was advised that the

meal’s cancellation was due to “an act

of God.” The food was already paid for;

there was nothing we could do.

Following dinner, a program of

guest speakers had been planned. In-

cluded would have been Bill Paul, the

owner/driver of the last GT350 to ac-

tively compete in SCCA racing (his car

was on display all weekend); Cobra

team driver and perennial convention

guest Bob Johnson; Chuck Cantwell;

and GT350 and Trans-Am driver Tom

Yeager who had logged many miles on

the R-A track over his career. Carroll

Shelby would have capped things off.

Going on the seventh year after his

heart transplant, he was still very

much active. He had been telling sto-

ries about his escapades at Road

America as a driver and was expected

to relate some of these to the audience.

Unfortunately, that was not to be.

On Thursday the track was taken

over by the Brian Redman Interna-

tional Challenge. SAAC’s concours

and popular vote car shows occupied

most of the day. Aside fromWednesday

evening’s tornado, the weather had

been hot and sunny – perfect for a

convention. Our records showed that

about 2,200 people had attended.