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We attended a few Northwoods

events in the late 1970s and saw how

an annual event at a race track can tie

a region together. It might not work in

every SAAC region around the coun-

try, but it sure worked here. Road

America was on most of SAAC’s long

lists for a convention site, but we were

always a little hesitant about a con-

vention there being able to pull even a

small percentage of our membership

from both coasts, which is what is

needed to pay the bills. Looking at a

map of the U.S., eastern Wisconsin is

a relatively out-of-the-way spot.

Whenever Elkhart Lake was

brought up, there was a constant

drumbeat of publicity from the track’s

PR department about Chicagoland

(which includes parts of Indiana, Wis-

consin, Michigan and Iowa as well as

Illinois) being the third largest popu-

lation center in the U.S. The first and

second are metro New York and metro

Los Angeles (in case you cut geogra-

phy class that day). The track is about

two and a half hours north of Chicago,

but no matter how much we wanted to

give it a shot, it never looked like the

numbers were there. Chicago is a

large city but it didn’t represent a sim-

ilar proportion of SAAC members.

Having come from Lime Rock the

previous year and Atlanta, Indianapo-

lis and Watkins Glen before that, we

were gravitating towards a west coast

convention. The problem was that

finding a track was nearly impossible.

We didn’t even consider Laguna Seca


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