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because of their noise requirement.

Down south, the number of tracks

wasn’t what it is today. The handful of

road circuits still in operation were

oversubscribed. Getting a weekend

date would be pretty near impossible.

The Cobra Owner’s Club held two

open track weekends every year at

Willow Springs. The last thing we

wanted to do was to try to sweet-talk

them out of one of their dates, which

they used as a profit generator for

their region. Even if we could squeeze

a date from Willow Springs, itself,

three Cobra/Shelby open tracks a year

at the same track would be one too

many. So, we looked away from the

west coast and the northeast. We had

just been into the deep south so we

didn’t want to go in that direction.

Suddenly the midwest wasn’t looking

that bad.

SAAC did not exist in a vacuum.

We had been intently observing vin-

tage racing since the club began, and

members had been actively participat-

ing in it for ten years. Vintage racing

was a way to step back in time, an op-

portunity to see Cobras, GT350s and

GT40s racing against their traditional

opposition – Corvettes, Ferraris,

Porsches and Jaguars – as well as

each other. SAAC members were vin-

tage racers and they went to vintage

events as spectators. We sensed an

overlap and we thought that a conven-

tion at Road America, dovetailing with

their annual summer speed spectacu-

lar, also known as the Brian Redman

International Challenge, would work.


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