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344 Fall 2015

tage event would tempt some race fans

to arrive a day or two early so they

could catch both events. It was quickly

falling into the “how could this miss?”


After announcing the convention

dates and details, we discovered some

positive outcomes from positioning the

convention a couple of days before the

Brian Redman International Chal-

lenge (BRIC). One was that a fairly

large number of historic race cars

which would be normally attending

the BRIC let us know they would be

arriving a couple of days early to join

our party: a couple of GT40 MK Is, a

couple of MK IVs and the 427 Daytona

Super Coupe just for starters. They

were all looking for additional track

time on Road America’s magical four-

mile course.

As the convention neared, we dis-

covered that the number of convention

participants planning to stay to see

the vintage races directly following

the convention was less than we had

expected. The cost of adding two or

three more hotel nights probably fig-

ured into the equation, as did the need

to take additional time off. When the

dust settled from the convention, our

take-away was that at best, dovetail-

ing a convention with a major vintage

race weekend was a wash. The num-

ber of people choosing the vintage race

over the convention was greater than

we expected, leading us to wonder if it

was actually hurting SAAC conven-

tion attendance. Tough to tell.