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Fall 2015 345

The portion of the convention

which received the most emphasis

was, of course, three days of open

track. Unless you have driven Road

America it is impossible to understand

what a long track like this is like. It

has everything: three fourth-gear red-

line straights, some elevation changes,

a high speed carousel and some tight,

90° corners. We were almost at the

point of turning away members who

did not pre-register in advance. Once

they saw it in the flesh, could not re-

sist. Realizing that some had traveled

so far, we had no desire to send them

home with a “next time you should

pre-register” admonition.We squeezed

them in by adjusting the run groups,

moving some drivers up to accommo-

date additional first-timers.

One thing that really impressed

us was the track’s safety crews. A

large track like this needs several

points along its length where wreckers

and ambulances are stationed. If there

is an incident, it’s not wise to have to

wait for a safety vehicle to have to

drive three-plus miles to get to the

scene. It needs to be there

right now!

The crews took their jobs seriously

and used every yellow flag incident as

a practice for something that might

have been much worse. They moved at

double-time and aside from demon-

strating their dedication and skill, it

meant a lot to the participants be-

cause when speedy dry is being spread

or gravel swept off of the track at a

corner, the on-track action stops. They

kept down-time to a minimum.