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Spring 2016


2 pages

. The New Year’s Day “Anti-Football

Rally” sure sounds good. Turning your back on the world of football in favor of a

spirited three-hour drive in a Cobra in the company of a hundred or so other sim-

ilarly minded “car guys” sounds like just the thing instead of settling into the

couch and watching college jocks chase an oblong ball around. Could there be a

downside? Wait. Stop.Wouldn’t it be a tad chilly on January 1st, even in Northern

California? In an open car with virtually no heater?


3 pages

. Everyone is familiar with the Terlingua Racing

Team’s black and yellow rabbit logo. And you might even know there is a real

place named Terlingua in the southwestern Texas backcountry. Here’s the com-

plete story of how the first chili cook-off came to be and why it was located in the

by-God-middle-of-nowhere. And who was involved? Some names may be familiar

to you and others not so much. As usual, we dig up the full story behind the story.


1 page

.We never get tired of saying that every car has

a story. It’s usually just a matter of putting a magnifying glass on it. Susan Stan-

ley’s 1968 GT500 convertible has led an interesting life, from a daily driver that

was her and her husband’s transportation while he was in the army and they

took it with them to Germany for a year. After a couple of cross-country trips he

decided to replace it but she liked it so much she convinced him to let her keep

it as her driver. We’ll let her explain the Chip Foose illustration.


8 pages

. Bill Fulk is turned loose at Amelia Island for

five days and there’s nothing he misses. And that takes some doing because that

event is like an amusement park. Like a bloodhound with his nose on the ground,

Fulk sniffs out every Cobra, Shelby, Ford GT or Tiger on the island and gets a

picture of it. And manages to meet some interesting people along the way. His

travelogue is almost like being there, yourself. He included one picture of the sil-

ver car at the left but didn’t provide any clues what it is.


7 pages

. We set the wayback machine to 1999 and head back to Ann

Arbor and Michigan International Speedway to kick through the remnants of

SAAC-24. Most of our memories, at this point, are about how the site was selected

(an interesting little story in itself) and how the event was planned. Yes, there

was some rain but it did not seem to diminish too many spirits. When it rains,

everyone gets wet and there’s not much you can do about it. The rain was steady

and hard in the morning but by noon the sun was out. A little too late for some.




Allegedly stolen by Craig Danzig/Blue Mountain Motors, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 12/15.

He was subsequently arrested for Grand Theft and is presently out on bail pending trial. Car was allegedly

shipped through the Port of Savannah, GA to an overseas buyer (who may not have known the car was

stolen). Because the car was moved across state lines and out of the country both the FBI and Interpol are

investigating the theft. The car has a Parchment interior, 4-speed and air conditioning. If anyone sees this

car please contact owner Donald Hinkel –