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Spring 2016 2

they were unloaded and parked in

a long row. At this point they were

only identified by their Ford VINs

because one of the last things

added to a finished car was the

Shelby serial number, stamped on

the aluminum VIN plate. Number-

wise, they were parked outside at


When it came time to move the

cars inside to be converted into R-

Models, they were brought in one

or two at a time. Again, at random.

The first thing to happen was that

the 289 Hi-Po engine was removed

and sent to the engine shop. There

were already other 289 Hi-Po en-

gines there, in various states of dis-

assembly. All of these engines were

basically considered little more

than components. Heads were re-

moved and sent to an outside port-

ing shop (Mondello’s, Roger’s

Porting Service or Valley Head

Service). There were heads going

out and coming in all the time.

When an engine was being assem-

bled, someone just grabbed the

next pair of heads that were avail-


The short block was disassem-

bled and all clearances were

checked. High compression pistons

replaced the stock pistons and an

S1CR camshaft was slipped in.

Once everything was assembled,

the engine was dyno-tested and

then installed in the next R-Model

that was ready for it.

So, the next time you hear

someone referring to an R-Model

with matching numbers, they are

demonstrating how little they

know about GT350 competition




We never thought we’d be able to

use the word “fairy” in a headline in

this magazine without incurring the

wrath of the LGBT lobby. But it just

goes to show you that we live in

strange times. Howard Pardee, of all

people, is smack in the middle of this

and frankly, that doesn’t surprise us.

He sent us the following info with a

picture of the book cover at the right.

If Spriggan, Bogles, Trow and

Dryad are part of your vocabulary,”

said Pardee,

“then you probably have

already read this book. Former SAAC

member David Bell of Monument, Col-

orado spotted a couple of Shelby men-

tions in a book he was reading – for

what purpose we can only guess


The book is titled, “A Fairy’s Guide

to Disaster – An Away From Whip-

plethorn Book 1” written by A.W. Har-

toin and is available as a free Kindle

download from Amazon, should your

curiosity get the better of you.

The Shelby references are near the end of the book. #1: “

Not fast like this

one. This is a Shelby Cobra. It does zero to sixty in four seconds

.” #2: “


disappeared and Judd’s popped up from the other side of the back seat. This

Mustang is awesome

.” It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when we take it out

of context. If you want more you’ll have to read the whole book. We’ll bet that

even John Atzbach doesn’t have a copy in his collection!

While visiting the drive-thru window

at McDonald’s recently we left feeling

a vague sense of deja vu but couldn’t

put our finger on it. We were halfway

home when we had one of those, “


Wait a minute!

” reactions and sud-

denly realized the connection.