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Spring 2016



The magazine of the Shelby American Automobile Club

Spring 2016

ON THE COVER. The Peter Brock-

designed Shelby DeTomaso P70 is one

of the most beautiful cars we have ever

seen.When we caught wind that owner

Mark Moshayedi would have the

freshly restored car at the 2016 Amelia

Island Concours we had to be there to

see it. Peter Brock was also there,

walking around clucking like the

proud rooster he had every right to be.

We took plenty of pictures and we in-

vited several other SAAC members

who were attending the event to take

some pictures that would fit our verti-

cal format requirement. We hadn’t

planned on a “cover contest” but that’s

what happened. They were all worthy

but we could only use one, so we just

covered our eyes and chose.

Copyright © 2016 Shelby American Au-

tomobile Club. All rights reserved. No

part of this publication may be repro-

duced or translated without prior ex-

press written permission from the

Shelby American Automobile Club.


17 pages.

What is this magazine coming to? Pardee is send-

ing in books about fairies with Shelby mentions. Peter Brock’s take on Gangsta

wheels. A SAAC member muscles in on the post office by delivering SAAC An-

nuals in person.Want to know about the guy who drove the snack truck to Shelby

American or would that be that too much information? CSSHPD Sprite school

car sells for big bucks – or not so much. When is the last time you saw a Ford

GT40 vintage racing? A recent race at Goodwood had 30 of them.We explain why.


11 pages.

A new Ford GT book reviewed. Cobra trailer

hitch receiver used by Shelby to put a hex on Enzo Ferrari? Truth can be stranger

than fiction. Wait! Stop! Farrah Fawcett and her Cobra II? SAAC bar coasters?

Copyright lawyers are rushing to the scene. A 5-story GT350-R billboard in San

Francisco. 427 SOHC engine spotted on Craigslist: did it cause a riot? What’s

Ocean Spray cranberry juice got to do with a Cobra? You’ll have to read it for

yourself. How strong is your pencil’s point? What’s that got to do with Shelby?

Harvey Sherman

Jeff Burgy

Bill Fulk

Colleen Kopec