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Spring 2016 8

The Latest News That’s 44-inches High


Ford GT Corner

The new 2016 Ford GT will make

use of Gorilla Glass – the same stuff

used to make smart phones and other

consumer electronics virtually un-

breakable. It’s also lighter than stan-

dard automobile safety glass. The

result is that Ford’s supercar is lighter

and, therefore faster and it handles

better. Gorilla Glass is 30 percent

lighter – the Ford GT’s glass weighs

only 46 pounds, a 12 pound saving

over standard safety class. The new

glass, used on the front and rear win-

dows is stronger, clearer and more


To develop the new glass Ford

worked with Corning Glass in Corn-

ing, New York, a stone’s throw from

Watkins Glen. Those with a good re-

call of history will recall that Corning

produced the windshields for the 1967

GT40 MK IVs. When those wind-

shields began cracking during LeMans

practice, Ford put in a super-rush

order for Corning Glass to make eight

replacement windshields that were

stronger. One for each of the four en-

tries and a spare for each car. They

were made overnight and as soon as

they were finished they were put on a

jetliner — each one occupying a First

Class seat — to Paris.

A truck was waiting at Orly air-

port in Paris and as soon as the new

windshields were carried off the plane

they were taken directly to the Ford’s

paddock at the track and they were in-

stalled in the four waiting MK IVs.

None of the new windshields experi-

enced any cracks during the 24-hour


Gorilla Glass is so strong that it

will not easily shatter in a crash but

emergency responders are still able to

free crash victims using power extrac-

tion tools. The Ford GT will be the first

car to use this glass on windshields

but it’s pretty much of a sure thing

that before long Gorilla Glass will be

standard on all production cars.

Ford sent out a press release and a photo and it was picked up by a number of newspa-

pers. Ted Warren spotted it in the “Shreveport Times” on January 2nd.

It didn’t take long for the first Ford GT

plastic model kit to appear. Thank

Revell for making a 14-piece snap-fit

model which Ford gave away at the

Detroit Auto Show back in January. A

more detailed 28-piece kit is available

for $14.95 in retail stores. The kit

takes 10-15 minutes to assemble. Pre-

vious auto show give-aways are a

Mustang and a Raptor pick-up.

Times Square is called the Crossroads of the World, so what better place to put

up a huge billboard showing the 2016 Ford GT? So many SAAC members sent

pictures to us that we lost count.