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To head off declining entries and,

hence, watch their profits shrink as

spectators were not attracted by

smaller grids, the sanctioning bodies

began relaxing their stringent require-

ments. No longer did cars have to have

actual race history. It was merely

enough if they looked “period correct.”

The unintended consequence was that

even fewer valuable, historical race

cars were brought out and raced.

Today you can see Shelbys, Corvettes,

Mustang notchbacks, Camaros and a

wide variety of other cars that never

turned a wheel on a race track, pre-

sented as 1960s racers. In fact, re-

quirements have been loosened to the

point where you can see an early Mus-

tang fastback outfitted with all (or

most of) the pieces used on GT350 R-

Models. Actual replicas – Cobras,

Grand Sport Corvettes, Daytona

Coupes – are beginning to be seen in

vintage racing grids.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the major

sanctioning body, the FIA, has stead-

fastly refused to lower its standards.

Cars like Cobras and GT40s must

have correct mechanical components.

Blocks and heads must have exact

part numbers and other pieces must

be time period correct. Specifications

must be the same as the cars were

raced in 1965. Finding something like

an original 1965 block greatly in-

creases the cost of preparing a car.

However, it means that all of the cars

are prepared to similar standards, and

the result is that there are no runaway

winners. It also means that the cars

tend to be driven more carefully on the

track due to their value. The result is

that more of them are brought out to

race, and that they are accurately pre-

sented. All good for spectators.

The recent Goodwood Members

Meeting, held on the weekend of

March 19-20, is an excellent case in

point. The Alan Mann Trophy, named

in honor of the late British GT40 Ford

factory team owner Alan Mann, at-

tracted thirty GT40 Mk Is that raced

prior to 1966 for the single marque

event. It was a sixty-minute race re-

quiring two drivers per car.

Photographic coverage was car-

ried on the Sports Car Digest website


The vivid photos seen here were taken

by Tim Scott and examples of his ex-

pertise can be seen on his website