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244 Fall 2015

Notes from the SAAC Mailroom:

We saw an interesting article

in the June 11, 2015 issue of the

Wall Street Journal

written by Dan

Neil about the reincarnation of the

legendary Lightweight Jaguar

XKE. Jaguar only built 12 of these

cars in 1963 (the final one was ac-

tually completed in 1964). The last

one to be run through an auction

brought $7.5 million. The six repro-

duction cars referred to in Neil’s ar-

ticle will carry

“leftover vehicle ID

numbers from the incomplete build

of 18 ‘Special GT-E Type’ competi-

tion cars in 1964

.” Stop us if any of

this sounds familiar.

The car is described in the ar-

ticle as being, “

brand new...but con-

sidering that it was assembled in

Browns Lane, in Coventry, the E-

Type’s ancestral home, by a team of

artisans, some the sons of fathers

who built the original E-Types; and

considering that it was constructed

with virtually identical materials

from many of the original suppliers

(Connolly leather, Lucas lights,

Smith gauges, Dunlop tires)...

Given all that

[the use of left-

over serial numbers to complete six

more lightweight Jaguar Es],


car’s ontological status seems mys-


wrote Neil.

“Is it a copy, a

reproduction, a post-production, a

counterfeit, a reincarnated arti-

fact? The Jaguar Heritage depart-

ment, they who built the car, calls

it a ‘continuation’ model, as if all

those blokes on the line had been

taking a tea break for 60 years. The

Federation Internationale de l’Au-

tomobile (FIA), the world body gov-

erning motorsports, will regard the

six cars as ‘period competition ve-

hicles’ fully qualified for historic

racing, which seems a delightful bit

of self-deception


In the Spring 2015 issue we reported

on a graffiti vandal who was pho-

tographed defiling Darek Stennes’

5S242 during the Amelia Island car

show weekend. It appeared to be the

act of a lone desperado but after that

picture was published we received ad-

ditional photos taken at the Amelia Is-

land event. It is now apparent that a

gang of graffiti hoodlums was at work,

taking turns trying to make Stennes’

GT350 look like a New York City sub-

way car. When you read about graffiti

vandals they are usually young peo-

ple, typically from ghettos in larger

cities. But judging by these photos,

this is a mob of geriatric thugs with

gray hair and considering the way

they are grasping their marking pens,

could have advanced arthritis. It

should be relatively easy to apprehend

these delinquents because they were

thought to have made their escape in

slow-moving golf carts. Local police

have dubbed them “The Geriatric

Graffiti Gang.” We’ll keep you posted.