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. If you were at Monterey for the race week,

you already know the event was huge. It was the 50th anniversary of the GT350

and if you drove one of those cars to the event you were treated like a king.

GT350s were everywhere, at every event and we asked photographers Bob Mc-

Clurg and Bill Fulk to snap away. We were able to fill seven pages with pictures

but you can bet this was only a small slice. There was a lot going on and we tried

to bring it all to you.

SAAC-40 Popular Vote.

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. The pop vote show was scheduled for Saturday

morning. It was the last day of the convention, and the thought was that was the

day of highest attendance, so there would be more cars in the popular vote show

than any other day. One thing that was noticeable was that the show attracted a

large number on IndyCar crews who walked around the car with appreciative

looks on their faces. After rain here and there during the convention, clouds had

cleared out Saturday and the weather was picture-perfect.

Fall 2015 241


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Speaking of R-Models, Ford unveiled a 2015

Mustang GT350R earlier in the year. It has been described as one of the fastest

and most responsive Mustangs ever made: a Camaro killer and a Challenger ter-

minator and certainly worthy of the name. Ford built 37 2015 models to com-

memorate the 50th anniversary of the original R-Model. Wait. Stop. 37 cars?

Shouldn’t that number be 36? How could Ford have made this colossal mistake?

We tap the 1965 registrar on the shoulder and ask him to dig into it.


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To anyone racing an “honored

marque” vehicle at Monterey, at the top of their to-do list is to make sure they

get their car into the “tire photo” at noon on Wednesday. Manufacturers custom-

arily use the photo in their marketing plans and with Ford’s unveiling of their

new GT350R, they were not going to let it slip past them. You’d think they would

have jumped at the opportunity to park their new GT350Rs next to the originals

that were there. You’d think.

6 COUPES – The Photo Opportunity of a Lifetime at Goodwood.

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Word spread quickly that all six Cobra Coupes would be at the Goodwood Revival

in September. All six had never been together at one time. It was a thought that

made Cobraphiles swoon. Special parking and an exhibition with all six cars on

the track; it was something not likely to ever happen again. Of course, it took

Lord March to make it happen. Peter Brock was one of the guests of honor along

with Coupe drivers Allen Grant and Jack Sears.


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. When is the last time you heard about someone driving

an early Shelby across the country? How about across and back with a few side

trips on each end? Tim Kiliniski rolled up 7,582 miles on 6S336’s odometer and

the car did not miss a beat. It was a solo trip on the way out, chasing the sun the

whole way. Once he was in California he did a little visiting and then drove north

to NorCal’s Mini-Nats at Sonoma Raceway. Then down to Monterey for the 50th

party for the GT350. And then back east to Pocono. He tells us all about it.


7 pages.

And the winners are... They were announced

during the evening program but there was no way that most people could match

a name with a car. We can help. Thanks to ace lensman John Guyer, we are able

to provide a photo of every winning car. And as an added bonus, we have photos

of each of the twelve historical competition cars we invited to share some of the

wall-to-wall. We were heavy in R-Models because 2015 is the 50th anniversary

of the GT350. We were able to grab a six-pack.