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240 Fall 2015



The magazine of the Shelby American Automobile Club

FALL 2015

ON THE COVER. We went to

SAAC-40 with a goal of coming home

with a photo like this in our camera.

We had only seen the ballroom

empty when we visited the Kalahari

in June but it wasn’t difficult to en-

vision the room filled with Shelbys

and Cobras. With a picture in mind,

we requested the hotel’s scissors lift

be available on Thursday evening at

11 p.m. so we could get enough ele-

vation to take a cover shot. We knew

this would be a once-in-a-lifetime op-

portunity. A ground level photo

would not work. Our mission was ac-

complished, as the cover of this issue


Copyright © 2015 Shelby American Au-

tomobile Club. All rights reserved. No

part of this publication may be repro-

duced or translated without prior ex-

press written permission from the

Shelby American Automobile Club.


16 pages.

We find a parallel between Shelby’s “completion”

427 S/Cs and Jaguar’s new “completion” Lightweight XKE. More news about the

graffiti vandal gang photographed defacing a ‘65 GT350 in Florida. A Shelby

Cougar? Believe that and we’ll sell you some shorefront property in Iowa. An-

other 50th anniversary commemorative Cobra: this time it’s a Daytona Coupe.

An auction in Monterey will peg the value of the Shelby Cobra Challenge Car.

An entertaining Dick Smith story. 5S480 disappears from a boneyard. And more!


10 pages.

We grab some pictures from an unaired tel-

evision promo for a Paul Revere and the Raiders special that used a 289 Cobra

and a Tiger. Our four Master Eagle Eyes are still churning out interesting stuff,

trying to one-up each other. It’s a spectacle we don’t often see in this club. It in-

cludes evidence of one of the four spending an inordinate amount of time watch-

ing Rachel Maddow’s uber left-wing yakfest. You’ll have to read it to find out

who. And how about a Cobra GT4 heavy duty 4WD mobility scooter?


13 pages

. If you were there, the convention article and pictures might

reveal something you didn’t know that took place at the convention. And if you

weren’t there, here’s most of the story – because there was so much going on it

was impossible for anyone to see everything. Conventions are like that, especially

this year where there was wall-to-wall activity at the track at the same time

there was concours judging taking place in the Kalahari convention center’s main

ballroom. Imagine a concours car in your living room. Then imagine 30 of them.


4 pages

. This year’s convention was a double-bump.

Not only could intrepid SAAC racers tear up the asphalt in our vintage race but

since we were sharing the weekend with the SVRA, they could run in the SAAC

practice and qualifying sessions and also compete on Sunday against SVRA’s

wild and woolly Group 6 cars: Corvettes, Camaros, Jaguars and Porsches. The

SAAC race was held at the end of the day on Saturday, leading some people to

wonder if drivers rushing to SAAC’s dinner would still be in their driving suits.