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248 Fall 2015



We’ve said it before but we’ll say it

again: if you stick around long enough

Shelby’s name will be on everything.

The latest is the Shelby Twin Turbo

energy drink. Shelby Craft Beer &

Beverages recently introduced their

Shelby-labeled energy drink in a re-

ally slick-looking 8.4-oz. slim can.

Their email press release reached us

too late for us to put the touch on them

to supply us with a pallet or two of

cases in time to pass them out at this

year’s convention, but there’s always

next year. The company is located in

Los Angeles and that’s where they are

presently distributing their product,

but we have the feeling that it won’t

be too long before it goes national.

Imagine the refrigerator in your shop

filled with these cans of Shelby go-

juice! The press release says they want

to promote themselves as “

the social

side of Shelby

.” Sounds good to us. For

more information check out:

These cans are so good looking that we

suspect none will ever get thrown

away. Empties will be lined up along

the top shelf of garages and playrooms

and at some point in the future we’ll

show you photos to prove it!

We may have discovered the beginning

of a male modeling career on the cover

of the new “Ford Small Block Engine

Parts Interchange” book published by

SA Design. We recognize the engine –

that’s easy: it’s a 289 Shelby Hi-Po out

of 5S505 being prepared for some dyno

time. But the identity of the dude at-

taching the starter proved somewhat

more difficult. Fortunately, SAAC has

a member who works in the bowels of

the National Security Agency, running

an advanced imaging computer. We

sent him a scan of the cover and he

was able to isolate the guy in the pic-

ture and rotate the image so we could

identify him. We were surprised to see

that it was none other than Craig Con-

ley, a long-time SAAC member, early

Shelby expert, vintage racer, former

surfer and current owner of Paradise Wheels in the San Diego area. Now you

can add male model to that resume. Asked about his professional name of

“Mike Folsom,” Conley explained that Dirk Diggler was already taken.