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Quote from: Bob Gaines on June 13, 2024, 11:26:42 PM
Quote from: deathsled on June 13, 2024, 11:06:50 PMI spliced the Pertronix red module wire to the yellow 12 volt wire and left the resistor wire on the positive and now the car only turns over but does not fire.  It actually sounds like my Saleen Mustang when I removed the rotor from the distributor to prevent easy theft.  I can change back to the three wires again on the positive and shop around for a dual points distributor me thinks.
I would use a multimeter and check your yellow power wire for 12 volts with the key on. It sounds like you are not getting power to your module.
Okay.  I will have to buy a multimeter. Then I will see.  These issues are interesting for me, getting into how things work.
I spliced the Pertronix red module wire to the yellow 12 volt wire and left the resistor wire on the positive and now the car only turns over but does not fire.  It actually sounds like my Saleen Mustang when I removed the rotor from the distributor to prevent easy theft.  I can change back to the three wires again on the positive and shop around for a dual points distributor me thinks.
Quote from: shelbydoug on June 13, 2024, 07:58:18 PMWell riding in it and driving it are two remarkably different experiences.  :)
Letting him drive it now would be a frightful experience.  Plus it would create insurance issues in the event of a wreck.  No valid license. And and and...
Quote from: 98SVT - was 06GT on June 13, 2024, 02:54:15 PMThis forum still needs a like button......
My dad would ride with me no problem but didn't want to go flying with me after a friend of his had crashed.
I don't have any photos of my dad's midget but have one of gramps on his Excelsior.
So the membership expired in September of 1914.  Wow!  Long long time ago!
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: 1966 GT350 GAS CAP
June 13, 2024, 09:32:45 PM
My thought is that the gold tint is uniform throughout the foil (it is on mine anyway).    I would think that gas fumes or other petroleum intrusion would cause a hit and miss on the gold tint.  It would be gold in spots and silver in others, faded in some areas and clear silver in still others.  If anything it would be the clear plastic that would change color of the cap due to fumes and/ or petroleum liquid contaminating the cap and not necessarily the gold trim around the cobra. 
Quote from: mark p on June 13, 2024, 01:09:21 PMGood stuff - I agree that you are lucky to still have him around and get to go for a ride.

I tell the [100% true] story of a ride with my Dad in the Tiger... probably close to 40 years ago.
We were headed home from lunch at my brother's house... the Ladies were going shopping in Mom & Dad's car - so I was taking Dad home. It was one of our "Three Hs" days in the summer - Hazy Hot Humid.
We're riding with the top down. Sitting at a red light. Baking in the sun and from the engine/exhaust heat.
Dad looks over at me and asks, "... and this is fun?" ???
(yesterday would have been his 97th birthday)
Later I thought how ridiculous his comment was - since his only mode of transportation "back in the day" was 2-wheeled stuff from Indian  :o
Indians are cool.  My dad had a red 46 with a side car.  He rode out to California in it back in the 50s.  Would have been an interesting time to be a young adult.
Quote from: shelbydoug on June 13, 2024, 10:12:14 AMHe drove my 68 GT350 once and drove it like an Army truck. He would double clutch everything. He couldn't get used to the concept of synchromesh transmissions?
He did ask what the matter was with my engine? Why it made those noises?

Sometimes there is just nothing that you can say? Kind of like what "wifey" hits you with all the time?

I would say that my wife is in that same school as being uncomfortable with me driving.

She grabbed the padded dash in front of the passenger seat and held on for life. I swear you can still see the fingernail indentations?

I don't get it? It was only 5,500 in 4th. 115mph? So what's the biggie?

That was 35 years ago and she won't ride in the car with me anymore.

I've often been accused of or more correctly asked why I make faces? I wonder if I was the model for the "Portrait of Dorian Grey"? Is that concerning to a passenger?

I do find these cars more then somewhat of a time machine. I often feel more youthful after a drive in one. I hope that your Dad does also. To me it is one of the inexplicable things that happen in life that enriches it?

Some understand that. Others never will. Maybe it's that they never could? "Missing some sort of geno in their DNA?

Perhaps that's why even at my age I get accused of being SO immature? You think?  8)

Since I am not a pathfinder in philosophy, I can only quote one of the Roman senators (Seneca) who said it best:
Seneca — 'Hang on to your youthful enthusiasms -- you'll be able to use them better when you're older.'
Quote from: shelbydoug on June 13, 2024, 08:14:59 AMGod bless. I wish you many more.

My Dad never felt comfortable with me driving. I can't imagine why?  ::)
I can't imagine either. All reasonable inferences drawn, judging by your lineup of cars in your stable.
Quote from: shelbydoug on June 13, 2024, 08:06:56 AMDual points are looking better and better.  ;)
He's ninety-six now and barely goes outside.  I was able to get him to go for a brief drive.  He enjoyed the rumble of the engine thoroughly.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Oil dipstick tube
June 12, 2024, 11:03:13 PM
When my friend moved over the coil to the correct side of the engine, the oil dipstick tube was affected and came out of its foundation.  The tube and stick were chrome bling from my father ordering this stuff while the car was in Canada.  He is about the bling, me not.  Today, the shop did an epoxy glue of the tube back into the timing cover but that to me is a short term fix.  The engine is a late model 302 circa 1986.  Wondering if I should go with an original 66 tube and stick or just get an aftermarket.  I am wondering about fitment issues.  The maintenance of my car has finally caught up to me.  The party is over.  But it was a good go while it lasted.  Doing these fixes is a labor of love.
Quote from: Bob Gaines on June 12, 2024, 03:00:51 PMI wish there was a shaking of one's head emoji. I would hate to think that this work was representative of the work this shop does. If it is then you should try someone else. We are not talking Mustang expertise work  but common sense workmanship and know how. Obviously he/they do not understand how the pertronix system works. According to the picture the coil now has the newly installed YELLOW (what a poor color choice for the extra wire) power wire along with the Ford resistance wire power. You should only have the new installed yellow wire and the red power wire from the module in the dist connected to the positive side of the coil .No wonder that your tach is acting up.  I suspect that your tach problem will settle down after you disconnect  the extra wire. The now extra wire (Ford resistance wire) that you took off the coil can be wrapped up with electrical tape to the Ford harness for a tidy look. If you still don't understand call me you have my number.     
I was curious why there were three wires rocking the positive terminal of the coil after his work instead of two.  I understand your instructions and will do so in the morning then test drive to see how the tach behaves.  It was a relatively inexpensive excursion to that shop so lesson learned.  I think I will be doing a lot more work on that car myself with input from you SAAC guys where needed (which is much of the time).  Thank you for the clarification!  Have a good evening!  I will be getting on the inner and outer tie rods and sleeves.  Maybe get some nos ones or restored.
Interesting enough with the wire split now the tachometer seems to stop around 1500 and stays there until the engine is off. Maybe the tach isn't getting enough voltage. He was not able to do the alignment because the tie rod sleeves inner and outer are inverted I think is what he said. It was put together backwards somehow. He said it won't affect the operation of the car but something is rubbing that should not when road bumps are encountered. The car is really getting a shakedown. A necessary shakedown.
My car is at the shop for a front end alignment after I straightened the steering wheel to align with the twelve o'clock position.  I capitulated and the Mustang shop is doing the Pertronix 12 volt wire.  He found two connections hanging out the firewall, one being for backup lights and the other for parking whatever when it was an automatic.  He did not need to tap off of the ignition switch he said.  I think the guy is reliable and honest.  He actually had tried to talk me out of the alignment saying that the notch in the steering wheel pointed at the ten o'clock shouldn't make much of a difference but I distinctly recall at least one of you saying I better get it fixed.  So I am correcting it.  I decided to do an antifreeze change before I drove over because the weather is calling to 90 degrees today.  I was concerned about a boil over (never happened yet but there are always new experiences that await us, right).  I will figure out the pedal spring myself.  I also had a problem with one of the spark plugs (second one from the back on the passenger side that was always difficult to go in.  This was a pre-existing condition to bringing the car back from Canada and this time I'd had enough.  I am very fastidious in threading plugs into their respective holes so I was not the proximate cause of this current problem.  The plug had a bit of cross threading going in earlier this year so I did not screw it in too tight.  The fear is that the head might be screwed.  I want to find out today so I had him look at it.  Otherwise, the Shelby is fine and liking that coolant change.  Shame on me for leaving it go for ten friggin' years.  It should be done every two years unless one is using the extended use technology.  Even so, the occasional flush can't hurt.  I did not remove the thermostat and run water and flush through the system.  I did a quick job.  The coolant that came out was very clean incidentally.  Strangely enough, the coolant leak around the timing cover seems to have gone with the replacement coolant and I didn't even tighten the bolts on the thermostat housing. Anyway, everyone have a great motoring day!  All of your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.
Looks like Emilia Hartford is looking to buy the track. She is quite an automotive influencer. I wish her luck.