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The Lounge / Re: Euro 2024
July 15, 2024, 08:43:37 AM
I'm a big fan of mixing sports. Like having a group of 800 horsepower NASCARS rumbling at the other end of the field waiting for the soccer players to start the game.
Well, my commentary was more of a double entendre to provoke some conversation which it did.  That said, I have common sense and reason and know full well that a Hellcat and/ or a Demon would take a Boss 302 Laguna in a straight line.  As 2112 said, it could be a different story on a road course.  I actually always liked the Dodge Challenger both old and new.  The body style is beautiful at every angle.  I would consider a 392 Scat Pack but the way Stellantis is dismantling Dodge, the reserve of parts in the future might become a major ordeal.  I've seen videos of a 392 running neck to neck with a Boss 302.  The Dodge Challenger with the right engine is a potent car.  But I have my own favorite and that is the Mustang in its great iterations.  Have a good day and good evening, gentlemen.
Nice looking car.  Was begging for attention.  I felt sorry for it.  Random act of kindness that benefitted me in the form of burning calories although said random act of kindness alone is probably not enough to gain access to the divine kingdom if there is one.  I would have a persuasive argument if called upon when such moment arrives.  I told the rental agent about the spoiler guards (aka pool noodles), that they should be removed (I would if it were mine) and I was met with a blank stare as if to say: "What do you mean?  They're part of the car."

I've driven both and would have to say that the Boss 302 would be triumphant in any race against the Challenger.
Minute 2:05 "I need a wagon.  I have a dog and three kids."  I wonder if he was referencing an actual pet or something else.
He's still ticking along.  Took him for a haircut today.  He is still sharp but his hearing is really gone.  Glad he is here.
Why not?  Random act of kindness and the car wanted and needed much attention.
The engine timbre sounded too awful to be staged.  Staged unlikely but one never can be sure these days.  Entertaining for me regardless.

I never understood the surrounding of a car with detritus and piling up cardboard, newspapers and buckets over the bodywork.  The thing sounded ghastly on startup.  I wonder what efforts they made to drain the gas tank and prime the engine beforehand.  Seemingly none.
Part Deux and finale of the drain plug saga.  Even more exciting than the movie Furiosa.
Yes, my approach is wildly wacked out on its face, however, Belle Tire does oil changes as well as tire service.  The workers at this Belle where I got my Continentals for the Boss employ a meticulous approach to how they work on a car and use rubber jacking pads for the undercarriage.  They also wipe down all the surfaces under the vehicle where they worked.  Better the devil one knows than the devil one does not know. 
A cautionary tale. Your experience most likely will be entirely different
Anyone can get charged and convicted of a felony as I recently learned. Well, not everyone.
The Lounge / Re: Amazing Shelby and Ford collection
July 05, 2024, 02:11:25 PM
At least they are being preserved though in the hands of a few. In time they will get scattered again.
The Lounge / Amazing Shelby and Ford collection
July 05, 2024, 01:12:39 PM