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I’ve seen some amazing literature

and memorabilia collections in the

past forty-plus years. In fact, I had one

myself for a while, but it was nothing

like the mind-boggling assortment of

“stuff” that SAAC member John

Atzbach has amassed and displayed in

an unobtrusive industrial building in

a quiet suburb of Seattle.

Shelby/Cobra collections usually

begin with a harmless curiosity about

one particular car. If you own a ‘66

GT350, for example, you want to know

how those cars were advertised, what

showroom literature was available

when they were new, what magazines

road tested them, if they were pictured

on any posters or made into any toys,

models or diecasts. When some people

begin collecting things like this they

may discover that they have a “collec-


Winter 2016 59

Collecting takes on many aspects, but out at the extreme edge it is an obsession.

– Rick Kopec