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Serb doesn’t advertise and doesn’t

need to. He has a waiting list and his

crew specializes in repairing crunched

Cobras as well as full restorations. His

upstairs contains rows of shelves con-

taining Cobra parts of every descrip-

tion which he prefers to use on

original Cobras. Continuations and

replicas have to look elsewhere. Don’t

even ask. One thing that crossed our

mind was that with all of the former

Shelby fabricators and mechanics on

site he could have put them all to work

and quickly eliminated some of his


Everyone was shuttled back to the

hotel and then to the Cobra Experi-

ence for the Saturday evening dinner.

The vans took everyone back to the

hotel and then out to the airport the

following morning. It was a perfect

weekend where 65 of these legends

mingled, slapped backs and traded

stories about the good old days. Almost

everyone agreed that it was hard to

imagine a future reunion attracting

more participants. As these guys con-

tinue to get older, traveling gets in-

creasingly more difficult. Everyone

who was there realized that they owed

Drew Serb, the Cobra Experience

staff, Bob Shaw, Bernie Kretzschmar

and all of the event’s sponsors a heart-

felt thanks for making the reunion a

reality. After the group picture, we

were waiting for them to hoist some-

one on their shoulders and parade him

around the room, singing “For He’s A

Jolly Good Fellow.” But because they

were in their 70s and 80s, the only one

they could probably manage was Bob

Shaw who squirmed out of reach be-

fore anyone was able to grab him.


May we remember those no longer with us.

Their memories live on through the life of the cars.

Bob “Tweety” Aldridge

Donn Allen

Donnie Araki

Klaus Arning

Jack Balch

George Bartell

Charles Beidler, Jr.

Jim Benavides

Jerry Bondio

Cecil Bowman

Bobbie Boxx

Peter Bryant

Ronnie Bucknum

Roy Butfoy

Dante Cardone

Ed Casey

John M. Chun

Andy Cisternino

John M. Collins

Jim Culleton

Ray Cuomo

Warren Davenport

Terry Doty

Alan “Al” Dowd

Bill Eaton

Dennis Ercek

Sherman Falconer

Barbara Farley

Joe Farrer

Harold “Sonny” Fee

Barry Galloway

Ray A, Geddes

Richie Ginther

Fred L. Goodell

Jerry Grant

Tom Greatorex

Helen Green

Chuck Green

Ray Heppenstall

Phil Hill

Bob Holbert

Vern Houle

Skip Hudson

Fred Ige

Ernie Immerso

Innis Ireland

William “Bill” Jean, Sr.

Bob Johnson

Earl Jones

Hal Keck

Dick Keith

Max Kelley

Garry Koike

Laurie Korman

Mahlon Lamoreaux

Joe Landaker

Craig Lang

Fred L. Larsen

Bob Lee

Ed Leslie

John Liefeld

Nill Likes

Dave MacDonald

Don McCain

Jim “Big Jim” McLean

Cary McSquid

Alan Mann

Heinz Merten

George Merwin

Mollie Miles

Ken Miles

Bob Negstad

Nick Nero

John Ohlsen

Ole Olsen

Helen Olsen

Bob Olthoff

Tom Payne

Leroy Pike

Phil Remington

Red Rose

Lloyd Ruby

Jack Russell

Carroll Shelby

Dick Smith

Carroll Smith

Bob Sorrell

Doane Spencer

John “Jean” Stucki

Ellis W. Taylor

Steele Therkelson

Dr. Dick Thompson

John Timanus

Jerry Titus

Maurice Trintignant

Louie Unser

Merle D. Van Steenwyk

Ray Wolfe

Robert “Bob” Wyatt, Sr.

Kopec was able to provide a fitting tribute to Bob Shaw who, until he was asked to come

to the podium, was totally unaware that he was being honored for taking the lead in

establishing and running the Shelby American alumni group.

Drew Serb opened the festivities by wel-

comed everyone and thanking them for at-

tending. The event’s success was a tribute

to his hard work and foresight.

Winter 2016 58