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Winter 2016 64

You can never tell when something will turn up that just has to

be in your collection. Finding it is one thing; actually obtaining

it can be something else, again. What often makes you put in

the extra effort is knowing that the more difficult it is to obtain

it, the less likely it will be that anyone else will have one in their

collection. Some of what drives collectors is competition to one-

up their fellow collectors. Having something no one else has in-

creases its worth tenfold, no matter how low the item’s actual

value might be. It’s often a matter of perception.

The term “memorabilia” covers a lot of ground. In fact, it can

cover as much as the collector wants it to cover. In the Shelby

world it includes unique engine pieces like valve covers, air

cleaners or intake manifolds. Also badges, emblems, gauges and

various pieces of hardware and trinkets associated with the

cars. Aftermarket items that did not come on the cars as original

equipment but were sold by one of Shelby’s parts companies are

especially popular. We are reminded of the packrat, which will

take anything shiny back to its nest.

Books and magazines are obvious targets for collectors and

there seems to be no end to the number and variety of what has

been printed since the cars were brand new. Enthusiasm for the

cars insures that more will be written about them in the future,

and this insures collectors with a never-ending crop to harvest.

Shelves often bend under the increasing weight. And just when

you think you’ve seen it all you find something you never knew

existed. that’s one of the thrills of collecting and it’s the same

for the novice collector or the Grand Master.