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Winter 2016 63

There are problems with posters. One is finding enough wall

space to display them. Most collectors are limited to garage walls

or their playroom, office or den. Another problem is getting them

framed and matted. If you can’t do this yourself it can cost you

a small fortune – and make you best friends with the person who

owns the framing shop.

People who are enthusiastic about some-

thing like to let others know by wearing

shirts or jackets proclaiming the product.

Sports apparel plays to this and is a giant

industry. The most sought after items in

the Shelby world are original Cobra team

jackets and shirts. As you might expect,

Atzbach’s collection has virtually one of


Atzbach took a fancy to the posters created by Dave Snyder, who

has done a series of scenes of muscle cars parked in gas stations

and dealerships. He did one of Shelby American’s airport facility

filled with cars. However, instead of the posters, Atzbach col-

lected Snyder’s original artwork. From across the room they are

often mistaken for the posters but upon closer examination it’s

obvious they are the originals.