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Winter 2016 2

Wagons for hauling flea market

parts are one thing, but we began

seeing this kind of overreach on golf

carts, before manufacturers began

offering the custom $15,000 models

you see advertised today that re-

semble Cobras, Shelbys, Corvettes

or just about anything else.

Then, there’s the leap-off-the-

cliff. Anything worth doing is worth

doing to excess. It’s something

that’s so far off the clever scale it

goes into just plain stupid. The In-

ternet is full of this stuff, if you

have the time to look for it.

What prompted this stream of

consciousness was that someone (in

England) built a running example

of that dumb-looking red and yel-

low Cozy Car that almost all three

or four year-old kids have clutter-

ing up the driveway or sidewalk.

Does this mean the end near?



Frank Zizzo drove CSX2021 to a car

show in the parking lot of the Loma

Linda (CA) Veterans Administration

Medical Center where all class win-

ners were rewarded with unique tro-

phies. A group has been hosting a car

show there for the past twenty-five

years, with all proceeds donated to

veteran’s services. They have pur-

chased vans and other equipment for

veterans. You don’t have to be a vet-

eran to enter your car in the show but

it was just a coincidence that Sgt.

Zizzo’s resume includes some military

history, including a 12-month visit to

Vietnam back in the late 1960s.

This photo was for sale on eBay, described as 3 1/2” x 5” with a minor bend

mark. The starting bid was $24.99. It was found by SAAC member Jerry

Stohler of Yucaipa, California, owner of 6S2152. He forwarded it to ‘65-’66 Reg-

istrar Howard Pardee with a note saying, “

I thought you would like to see it


Never one to sit on his hands, Pardee was jolted into action and ran the eBay

picture through Photoshop to enlarge it in order to check for details (there is

no longer a need to employ the old-fashioned magnifying glass). He responded

to Stohler, saying, “

I guess everyone thinks that a Shelby guy will pay anything

for an early photo.”

The opening bid of $24.99 was testament to that. It was

excessive, to say the least. “

Note there are no side stripes

,” Pardee went on, “


it was probably repainted

.” The license plate was impossible to decipher so

Pardee contacted the eBay seller who confirmed the license plate was from

Minnesota. The picture was likely taken when the car was within a few years

of being brand new because it still has the original Goodyear Blue Dots. Scroll-

ing through his 1966 GT350 database, Pardee was able to determine the car

was 6S167. The car was originally sold through Herb Tousley Ford in White

Bear Lake, Minnesota with Shelby/Cragar wheels and without LeMans stripes.

The original owner is not known. 6S167’s last known owner was Richard Span-

gler of Coon Valley, Minnesota.