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At the end of November, 2015 Peter Brock’s BRE Newsletter offered a poster of Brock at Goodwood with all six

Daytona Coupes [

above, left

]. As quoted in the BRE newsletter, “

Ever since the amazing Goodwood Revival of all six

Daytona Cobra Coupes, we’ve been asked to offer something special from the event. It’s taken a while to pull together

what we wanted but we’ve now done it! First, let’s start with this amazing work by photographer Neil Harniman. We

had our own photos from Goodwood but when we saw Neil’s nighttime masterpiece we knew nothing else would do.

This image is captured by waiting until dusk and then putting a camera on a very slow exposure and then someone

walks around each object with a light stick. Sound like black magic? Neil has perfected the technique and we thank

him for allowing us to offer this image to you. We offer two formats. The first is a museum quality giclee print on

archival high cloth content paper that I have selected personally. This piece is standard 20˝x24˝ so it is easily framed

and sports a title of “Together at Last” Designer Peter Brock and the six Daytona Cobra Coupes 50th Anniversary

World FIA GT Championship 1965 Goodwood Revival 2015. Only 50 pieces are available here, each numbered and au-

tographed by myself ($165). The second offering is the image as a large 24˝x 36˝ poster which sports the same wording

as the art but on poster paper with no border and wording placed on the image itself. Not limited or signed (although

that is an option) it is a great piece to hang in a less formal environment ($35).

Howard Pardee was browsing the Internet on his com-

puter when he happened to land on the BRE website and upon

seeing Brock’s Goodwood poster, he promptly spit the Jolt Cola

he was drinking down the front of his undershirt and all over

his keyboard. Only that morning he had received delivery of

5,000 24˝x 36˝ posters created from an out-take of the cover

photo shoot for the 1981 “Shelby Buyers Guide.” Pardee’s

poster is titled, “

Together at Last” Howard Pardee and the

four Shelby GT350s 35th Anniversary of the Shelby Buyers


When he was finally able to regain his composure and

dry off his keyboard he immediately called his lawyer, Charles

Flim, who he had on speed-dial. After describing Brock’s

poster to his legal counsel, he asked if the obvious theft of in-

tellectual property was actionable. “

We might have a good case


” his lawyer responded. Pardee was advised to send a

$5,000 retainer and he would immediately begin looking into

the matter. He also admonished Pardee not to contact Peter

Brock personally. “

This guy is slicker than an eel in a 55-gal-

lon drum of gear oil

,” lawyer Flim cautioned. “

He will draw

you into a verbal altercation which he will be recording and it

will result in a countersuit for libel. That’s the way he works


How do I know? His lawyer is my partner.”

Pardee could not

be reached for comment but he was later overheard telling a

bartender, “

This guy has been a thorn in my side since 1965.

I’m not going to let him get away with this, I’ll tell you that. I

am sick of being used as a patsy


If Peter Brock wants a poster

war, then By God, he is going to get a poster war.”

Winter 2016 6