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Winter 2016



The magazine of the Shelby American Automobile Club

Winter 2016

ON THE COVER. The first thing

we thought when we saw this photo

sent to us by Jim Sfetko was, “


Barn find!

” Then we noticed the front

license plate that said “CHUCK” and

we knew it had to be Chuck

Cantwell’s 6S796. The photo was

taken during last year’s North Car-

olina-Tennessee-Georgia 50th An-

niversary Tour. Cantwell’s GT350

was one of the thirteen cars partici-

pating. As a rule, we don’t normally

use a picture of the same car on two

different issues of

The Shelby Amer-


, but this was just too good to

pass up. And hey – we make the

rules, so we can break them.

Copyright © 2016 Shelby American Au-

tomobile Club. All rights reserved. No

part of this publication may be repro-

duced or translated without prior ex-

press written permission from the

Shelby American Automobile Club.


18 pages.

How many passengers will a Cobra accommodate?

News on the Pardee-Brock law suit – things are about to get nasty. LeMans-win-

ning MK IV sent to Gurney for repairs. We dig up the history of the 427 Cobra’s

roll bar. Former SAAC member the King of Sweden’s transformation from gear-

head to greenie. Shelby’s Venice facility being replicated in Dearborn. A 306 h.p.

leaf blower. What’s the deal on these “Gangsta Wheels”? And what about the

nude model standing on the Hertz car’s hood. We’re not kidding.


12 pages.

We review the latest future additions to your

book shelf. Master Eagle Eyes are still at it. What we thought was just a one-

issue curiosity is still going strong a year later. None of them want to quit. The

latest in Adirondack deck chairs. The Goodyear Wide Boots mystery solved. The

latest in Cobra wrist watches that are as close to your price range as a real

Cobra. 1969 Shelby makes the AACA Hershey poster: the times, they are defi-

nitely a-changin’. Latest Cobra/Shelby collectible: shopping bags.We kid you not.

RUNNING IN THE RAIN. And no cars melted.

6 pages

. Tom Cotter planned

a driving tour nine months in advance and what can you do if it rains the entire

time? You drive, that’s what you do. That’s what windshield wipers are for. Earl

Morris was one of the participants on the three-day GT350 50th Anniversary

Tour through parts of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. His report makes

you wish you were there. And unless we miss our guess, there will me more of

these tours in the future.



. Thirteen Shelbys participated on

the GT350 50th Anniversary Tour and Chuck Cantwell was driving one of them.

We twisted his arm to put his experience into an article and he was good enough

to do so. One of the roads they drove was a twisty two-lane 11 miles long through

the Great Smokey Mountains. It has 318 turns and has been described as Amer-

ica’s number one road for sports cars and motorcycles. Once you drive The

Dragon’s Tail you will never forget it.