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Winter 2016

This gives a whole new meaning to putting power on the ground. Don’t ask us to explain how it works be-

cause the concept is way beyond our technical expertise. Besides, exactly what is inside this black box is

a tightly kept a secret. It has something to do with the continuous magnetic force fields created by the

friction of the pistons moving up and down in the cylinders, which are harnessed and directed to the fly-

wheel where the car’s horsepower is quadrupled for brief periods of time – all controlled by an app on an

Apple iPad. It’s still being tested in Silicon Valley, right next to driverless cars. Once it is perfected it appears

that the performance landscape will be changed forever. Look for a couple of specially-equipped Cobras

and Shelbys to be at the convention providing demonstrations. And listen to the whisper in your ear: don’t

buy any stock in automotive aftermarket performance parts companies. Think “buggy whips.”


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. Our interview with Cobra Registrar Ned Scudder in

the Fall 2015 issue included the fact that his first Cobra was CSX2306, and that

got SAAC member Ed Maxwell to think about the car when he owned it (prior

to selling it to Scudder). That’s often how these stories are conjured up. You see

something that jogs your memory and before you know it you are seeing the past

very vividly in your mind. The next step is to put your thoughts on paper (or on

the computer screen) and share them with the rest of us.


10 pages

. Return with us now to the thrilling days of

SAAC-23. It was our third time at this North Carolina “cathedral of speed” and

it was a pleasant convention location because we knew our way around. We

stayed at different hotels, because more had been built since the last visit. The

Charlotte area has more NASCAR teams setting up shops there that you can

shake a stick at. SAAC member Butch Mock invited everyone to visit his place,

the home base for his Remington Arms Taurus race cars.


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. We save the car-related cards we receive so we can

share them with you. There is a lot of inventiveness out there, and it’s nice to

see the kinds of cars that members have. That sometimes changes from year to

year. Most interesting was the mystery card, sent anonymously, showing what

we assume was a barn find Cobra. We have no idea who sent it or where it was

sent from, much less where the picture was taken and what the serial number

of the car is (if it, indeed, has one). Maybe it will be unveiled during the new year.