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We were having such a great time

and some of the guys who flew in were

also going back to SAAC-40 at Pocono

the following weekend. I told Dave

that maybe I’d just drive there, too. It

would make it a trifecta of Shelby

events: the 30th NorCal Mini-Nats,

the 50th GT350 Anniversary at Mon-

terey and the 40th SAAC convention.

It started out as kind of a fluke; why

risk trying to go to SAAC-40 after such

an amazing trip? We would have to

hot-foot it across the country to get

there by Friday afternoon.

Was I setting us up for a big let-

down after experiencing such a monu-

mental peak? Leslie was supportive

and immediately agreed to go. Origi-

nally she had hoped to find some-

where to catch a flight back to

Virginia. Taking the northern route

looked best. I didn’t want to take

Leslie through the desert in the heat

and it looked like by heading north the

weather would be okay. Having Leslie

ride with me was a big help. She didn’t

want to drive but she took care of al-

most everything else. We decided to

head for Pocono and left on Monday to

cross the mountains at Ebbetts Pass

and go into South Lake Tahoe. It was

a beautiful ride through the pass and

we had dinner in South Lake Tahoe.

After dinner we headed on to Fernley,

Nevada since we’d need to make some

big miles each day in order to get to

Pocono by Friday afternoon.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Fernley to Evanston, Wyoming on

Tuesday; then Evanston to Lincoln,

Nebraska on Wednesday. We made

about 800 miles. On Thursday we did

almost 900 miles so that we were only

322 miles from Pocono for Friday’s

drive. 6S336 ate up the 80-85 mph

cruising once we got out of the moun-

tains. It should have been tuned for

the elevation in the mountains but

there wasn’t time. It didn’t run that

bad and the worst mileage we got was

16 mpg, so I decided not to fiddle with


Out of the mountains our mileage

came up and the car seemed to rise to

the challenge of a high speed cruise

across the rest of the country. The car

had developed an oil leak before we

got to Wyoming. I tightened up the oil

pan and valve covers and that helped

a lot. It still leaked some but not

enough to stop and we didn’t overheat.


When you’re having a really great time,

you hate to see it end. But the Monterey

weekend doesn’t last forever. And neither

does your cash. That’s when you know it’s

time to pack up and head home.

The tachometer wasn’t working before the

trip began and there wasn’t time to repair

it. Little did I realize that it would be in al-

most every picture.

The oil pan gasket developed a minor leak

but a little tightening was all that was


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