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niversary for the GT350. I don’t think

it gets any better than that for a

GT350 guy like myself.

I was still a little nervous about

leaving the car unguarded at night,

but so far I had experienced no prob-

lems. I got up often to check on the car

and a lot of times I saw people looking

at it or taking pictures. When I

checked out of the hotel on Tuesday

the guy manning the front desk told

me that a lot of people had asked him

about the car.


I picked up Leslie at the airport

and headed down Highway 1 to Mon-

terey. Now the trip was really on!

Leslie had rented us a place in Pacific

Grove with a great view of Monterey

Bay and a garage for the next two

nights until we moved to Carmel Val-

ley.We relaxed and walked around Pa-

cific Grove and Monterey. We went to

Lovers Point one night and had steaks

at the Whaling Station on Cannery

Row (highly recommended by Kopec)

the next. I went to the track on

Wednesday and hung out in the pits

with Marty Beaulieu, Ross Myers and

a bunch of other guys running

GT350s. They had the traditional

photo shoot under the tire and it was

great to be out there with everyone. I

talked to so many people, including a

reporter from the Monterey Herald

and Jim Schield and his wife Jan. She

mentioned that she had wanted to get

lettering to put his name on the

Shelby. I told her he didn’t really need

it since he’s the only one who has ever

driven that car since Day One and

everyone pretty much knows it’s him.

He said he liked that idea. I also got

some good coverage in the Monterey

Herald’s story about the reunion in

their Thursday edition.

I passed on going out to the track

on Thursday because I wanted to take

Leslie for a drive along the Coast

Highway, since we didn’t get to do that

on the way down from the airport. We

drove south to Big Sur where we had

lunch. The weather was great and the

car drew a lot of attention. It was neat

to be taking pictures at these scenic

sites and have people ask if they could

take pictures of the Shelby.

The Monterey Motorsports Re-

union went great; the weather was

perfect and the races were spectacular.

I was able to take parade laps on the

track on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dave Redman and Larry Barnett rode

with me on Saturday and Leslie was

nice enough to wait until Sunday. It

was a lot less crowded on Sunday be-

cause of the people who went to Pebble

Beach. What more could you ask for?


If it’s #37, it must be Jim Schield. He is the

original owner of 5S272 and started auto-

crossing it and running open track as soon

as he took delivery. He began vintage rac-

ing at Laguna Seca when it started and

ran there every year until recently, when

he retired the old warrior. But he just had

to “un-retire” it for this event.

300 Fall 2015