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and he either didn’t know much about

the cars or wanted to stir people up

just to start up a conversation on


I stayed in Thousand Oaks on

Thursday night and in the morning

headed south to Malibu to get on the

Pacific Coast Highway. My daughter

used to live out here so I was familiar

with the area.When I visited her I had

rented a Shelby GT to drive around

when they were available from Hertz.

Southern California really is the

center of the car culture and I was on

top of the world. It seemed like every-

one was paying attention to the Shelby

now. I drove down to the beach so I

could walk in the ocean and then

stopped to watch the elephant seals

sleeping in the sand and fighting in

the surf. I had reached a point where I

was no longer worried about some-

thing happening to the car. Getting to

this point was priceless. I was feeling

really confident about driving north to


I continued driving up Highway 1,

loving the drive more with every mile.

In the Shelby, it was indescribable. By

Saturday afternoon I was at the Baja

Cantina in Carmel Valley, having an

early dinner. It’s a wonderful car

cruise place, especially during the his-

torics. Leslie had booked me into a

nice hotel in Morgan Hill for the next

three days, about halfway between

Monterey and San Francisco. The

hotel was full of Australians and New

Zealanders who were bicycle manufac-

turers or shop owners. My nephew is

married to an Aussie, so I talked them

up and one of the guys from New

Zealand had a real Rally Falcon. He

admitted that he was one of the ones

who doesn’t drive his cars. He only put

200km on his Falcon last year.


Sunday I was trying to decide if I

should go to the Pre-Historics at

Mazda Raceway or the 30th NorCal

Mini-Nats up in Sonoma. I was feeling

great at this point so I figured the 30th

Mini-Nats was the place to go. I drove

up there and had a great time.

After I had parked at the track,

one of the drivers was coming back

from the restroom and noticed my Vir-

ginia plates. He looked at me and I an-

swered before he could ask. “

Yes. I just

drove it from Virginia.

” He said they

would want that in their newsletter

and told me where to find the editor.

He took a couple of pictures of me with

6S336. They were really surprised to

find that someone had driven a GT350

all the way from Virginia. I hadn’t

been to Infineon Raceway before so I

wandered all around the track, taking

pictures. It wasn’t like what I had seen

on television during NASCAR races. It

was a much more challenging track.

On the way back to Morgan Hill I

stopped for dinner and was ap-

proached by a couple in the parking

lot. He saw me coming in behind him

and dragged his girlfriend over to ask

about the Shelby. They were very in-

terested in the car because he owned

some collector Fords.When they found

out I’d driven it from Virginia they re-

ally wanted to talk.We ended up going

to dinner together and talked cars like

old school buddies. His girlfriend was

very understanding and even joined

in. He admitted that he needed to get

started on his cars because most of

them needed work. He was energized

by talking to me about driving my car.

One of his cars was a K-code Falcon


Back in Morgan Hill, I tried to

relax. I cleaned up the car and

planned on picking up Leslie at the

airport on Tuesday. It was all slowly

sinking in that I was in California.

That I’d made it. I was feeling invinci-

ble at this point. I would be picking up

Leslie and driving 6S336 to the Mon-

terey Motorsports Reunion’s 50th An-


Fall 2015 299