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Was it a matter of having so much

confidence in myself and 6S336 or just

stupidity? The Shelby drew some at-

tention whenever I stopped. People

would come over and talk to me and

they seemed very excited when they

learned about my trip. On the first day

there had been countless people tak-

ing pictures of the car but through the

center of the country not so much.

Now that I was in California things

were back on; the car suddenly got a

lot more attention.

I was on the phone with Leslie and

then with John, trying to find a place

to stay for the night. I was hiding in

the shade among the vans in Vic-

torville, California when a father came

by with his baby in a stroller. He

stopped short and said, “

Great car!

One of his other children then came

over and began asking questions

about the car while dad was loading

up. I mentioned that I had been on the

phone looking for someplace to stay

and his pre-teen daughter immedi-

ately started clicking off the places

close by. She liked the car and was just

one of those outgoing types, curious

and friendly. I wanted to get closer to

Rolling Hills where John lives so I

ended up stopping in Ontario.

I was now on Cloud Nine. Every-

thing was going well; I was already in

California and almost a week ahead of

schedule. I had time to visit the NHRA

Museum in Pomona. They said I could

bring the car up to the entrance in

front for a photo. I asked someone to

take my picture with the car and he

was very hesitant. Another guy came

over and asked what I needed. It

turned out that I had asked a promi-

nent Russian motorcycle builder and

he wasn’t comfortable enough with

English to respond. Sergei Maltsev

was going to try for a record at Bon-

neville. We talked for a good while and

then his friend announced that Sergei

had a present for me from Russia. He

gave me one of the shirts they had

made for their Bonneville effort. I

don’t imagine many people will have

one, since Bonneville got canceled due

to flooding. They were going to go to

the Mojave Mile replacement event.

I pulled into John Saia’s and he

was happy to see 6S336. He has a

Cobra Daytona replica and 6S2060.

We talked cars for hours and then

went out for a ride in 6S2060. He took

me to lunch at one of his favorite stops.

We had a great time and he posted pic-

tures up on his blog along with the

story. He had always had his history

with 6S336 up there and was looking

for me to fill in the rest of the story. I’ll

also write up a guest piece for his blog

when I get home. I’m thinking of ti-

tling it, “6S336 History: Re-lived, Cel-

ebrated and Made.” Leaving John’s I

got stuck in rush hour traffic on the

405 Freeway in Los Angeles. Someone

actually pulled up next to me and

stopped (even though his lane was

moving at the time) and asked about

the Shelby!

Early GT350s are not great stop-

and-go traffic cars but you have to

take a little bad with the good. I saw

some idiotic post on Jalopnik wonder-

ing why would anyone actually drive

an early GT350? It was on August 3rd


298 Fall 2015

Russian motorcycle racer Sergei Maltsev

was attracted to 6S336. No doubt he was

imagining what it would be like to drive it

through the streets of Moscow.

After running across the country without

incident, 6S336 takes a well-deserved rest

in the company of 6S2060. Previous owner

John Saia was happy to see his old Shelby.

Ownership of the same Shelbys always es-

tablishes a bond that’s hard to break.

Stopping at an In-N-Out Burger is just

about a requirement for visitors to Califor-

nia. How about parking your ‘66 GT350

outside and going in, and seeing a ‘66

GT350 on a poster hanging inside? It be-

comes just another memorable part of the