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Fall 2015 255

The elves at Virginia Classic Mustang

apparently never sleep. Brant Halter-

man reported VCM’s latest repro item

is the ‘65-‘67 Mustang fastback

bracket assembly for the trunk lid tor-

sion rod spring. These are also used on

‘65-‘66 Shelbys and early ‘67 Shelbys

with metal frame deck lids. It comes

complete with the correct bracket, rub-

ber insulator and a pair of screws.

Price is $16.95 – probably the cheap-

est thing on your restoration grocery

list. Find an NOS piece? Forget it. A

useable take-off? Ha! It will cost you

more in gas going to a few swap meets

if you can find one. We get the feeling

that sooner of later Virginia Classic

Mustang will have every single piece

needed to build an exact specification

Mustang or Shelby. Their website is:

We received this cute picture in an email from our friends at the Shelby Amer-

ican Collection in Boulder, Colorado. They were advertising their annual party,

scheduled for September 5th. Upon seeing the picture, we immediately under-

stood how seriously this event was being taken. The heading was, “

George has

had his car washed, waxed and ready for the annual party and car show.

” It’s

a 50th Anniversary celebration of Shelby American’s winning the 1965 World

Manufacturing Championship. This is an appropriate celebration because the

museum has an amazing collection of historical cars and rare memorabilia and

that, alone, makes it worth a visit. Throw in mouth-watering food and an open

bar with wine, beer and Margaritas as well as a ‘60s band and it’s party time.

And don’t forget their traditional silent bid auction. And, we’re guessing that

George will be there.

Monterey car week begins on Tuesday

with a free car show in Carmel, a

quaint town of about 4,000 that was

originally established as an artist’s

colony. The place has charm in spades.

To encourage residents to paint their

houses different colors, house numbers

aren’t allowed. All mail is delivered to

the post office downtown. About a

dozen GT350 race cars were invited to

caravan to a car show in the center of

town. It was fitting that an R-Model

won the top award.