SAAC Member Benefits

SAAC has been around since 1975. We lit the fire for Shelby and Cobra enthusiasm and we’re still at it. Here's a partial list of the benefits of membership in the Shelby American Automobile Club...

The club functions through an award-winning quarterly magazine published online and a printed 400-page Annual comprised of all four magazines and sent to every full member in good standing at the end of the year. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

Every summer for the past 48 years we’ve held an annual National Convention at a historic race track. More than 1,000 members show up for some portion of the three days. Included is an open track, judged concours car show, parade laps, vintage race, popular vote car show, dinner with guest speakers, and a swap meet.

SAAC also has a communications forum that is accessible to the public ( If you like to communicate with other owners and have a question about these cars, the unique parts that make them special, or any other topic, this is the place to get it answered.

Ford X-Plan Pricing
SAAC Members are eligible for Ford X-Plan pricing on new Ford vehicles. Check with your preferred Ford dealer for X-Plan pricing. Many SAAC members have used this this service to realize considerable savings on a new Ford vehicle.

We’ve been publishing registries since 1976, covering the history and production of any and all vehicles that Shelby American produced from 1962 - 1970. SAAC registries are the reason these cars are blue chip investments today. The club makes it impossible for counterfeit cars to be passed off as originals.

Mecum Auctions
Mecum Auctions and SAAC have partnered in the auction arena. Attending a Mecum Auction is an experience unlike any other, leaving you with unforgettable automotive memories. As a SAAC member, you can now enjoy a 50% discount on Standard Bidder or Annual Bidder registrations at Mecum Auctions! Use this benefit just once and you’ll save you more than your entire year's SAAC membership dues!

SAAC has active regions across the country to accommodate our members in their specific area.

SAAC and Hagerty Classic Insurance have also partnered to help provide low cost agreed-value insurance, not only for Cobras and Shelbys but for any special interest-type cars that are part of our members personal car collection (including Mustangs and Cobra replicas).

Vehicle Authentication
SAAC provides vehicle authentication for members at no charge. Imagine trying to buy a Shelby or Cobra without being able to find out if the serial numbers match, or if there is something questionable about its past history. Professional consultants charge $100 an hour or more, often with 3 hour minimums. Ands most do not know these cars like we do.

SAAC maintains extensive and ongoing relations with the national automotive press to continually promote Shelby Mustangs and Cobras as well as attempting to insure the accuracy of anything printed with regards to these cars. SAAC is the accepted worldwide authority on Cobras and Shelby Mustangs.

Member Dues
Even with all this, Classic (Full) membership dues are just $65 for US members, and $100 for all other countries. Affiliate membership (electronic access only, no printed magazine, membership card or decal) dues are only $25 per year, regardless of your location. All forms of membership include Ford X plan benefits and accessibility.

Membership is open to anyone with interest, enthusiasm and appreciation of the cars from Shelby American; ownership is not a requirement. Join SAAC today and see what you’re missing!

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