Regional Activities and Events

SAAC has regions across the country. They represent pockets of enthusiasm populated by members in geographical areas and population centers. Some are tightly organized and others are very loosely organized. They are all grassroots organizations, springing up based on the enthusiasm of one or more members. They are not mandated by the national club; they operate purely on their own.

Some regions have bylaws, elections of officers, monthly meetings, annual dues, newsletters, and they put on meets, car shows, open track events, picnics and socials. Others are the result of one or two members wishing to have activities in their immediate area and are willing to step up and do what is required to hold small, informal get-togethers. In short, they do whatever works for them.

In SAAC’s more than forty years, regions have been established, become organized, grown and then over the years some of the leaders dropped out or moved away, and without anyone to step in and replace them, enthusiasm receded. The region either became smaller or just disappeared. After a few years without any activities, some regions come back. Other regions may have been started up, propelled by the enthusiasm of a handful of members, who eventually tired of shouldering the burden and got burned out. They may or may not have been replaced. Every region is unique, based on the personalities and goals of those involved in it.

SAAC has no desire to establish a bureaucracy, like some other clubs, to direct and supervise regions and their activities. All we ask, no matter what format they might decide to choose for their region, is that they act in the best interests of the national club and not do anything that might embarrass us. The national supports its regions but neither provides financial assistance nor expects the regions to contribute financially to the national.

We have found it virtually impossible to keep track of all of these regions’ schedules. The best way to determine what might be on an individual region's event calendar is to email the SAAC Rep in the area closest you. This link will bring you right to the SAAC Representative list: Local SAAC Representatives