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More photos of control arm support struts.   By the way, ignore the photo showing the inside of my Shoei helmet with the broken sunvisor actuator, that was an error on my part.   Mark
During my restoration of SFM5s444, I came across a post from another member that had a machine shop make him some very cool control arm support struts.   Clearly over the top in design, engineering, machining, and assembly, and even personalized with the selling dealer's name engraved.    This was in November of 2018, and since I have some tribal knowledge and appreciation of how machine shops produce parts, I decided to ask for a set to be made for my car.     I will post photos of the completed parts that have been supporting # 444 for several years now on a 2 post lift.   Mark
Ogden Chrome does the show chrome for the Kindig it Design shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Check out
The Lounge / Re: wise words from the past
December 07, 2023, 10:19:16 AM
This forum is invaluable in many ways. In my 14 + years on the forum, it has been THE authority on all things Shelby related.  You all have helped me build # 444 ( not quite done yet ) with all the tribal knowledge.   I have contributed photos and comments when I can, and greatly appreciate the collective history from all.   The forum will survive.  Mark
Here in the SoCal desert area, we have the same rodent problem.   After my 2019 Ford Transit 250 Van had a $ 2,000 repair for a sub-harness to the knock sensors under the intake, I bought the Mouse Blocker Pro 12v edition.  I used pop rivets to mount the small unit ( about the size of a pack of cigarettes ) to the top of the fuse box inside the engine compartment.   It is designed to emit various high frequency noises, and flash small LED lights randomly.    It is ON anytime the engine if OFF.   The unit has technology that will turn it off anytime the battery voltage drops below 12v.    When the engine is on, and the unit senses voltage of 13.7 or more, the unit is OFF.      The Mouse Blocker Pro was installed 2 1/2 years ago.  Since then, no rodent damage.   I am not affiliated in any way with the Mouse Blocker product, just a Shelby owner with a Van that is parked outside for the last 5 years.   Mark
I had my '65 # 444 radio and speaker restored and re-coned by the Antique Radio Doctor Barry Dalton in Grants Pass Oregon.  You can reach him at (541) 474-2524.    You can look at his profile and samples on Facebook at Antique Radio Doctor.  Beautiful work, very professional, and reasonable cost.  Good Luck, Mark
#444 is not on the road yet.  In progress when time allows.  Life is complicated, and gets in the way of our hobbies some times.
The Lounge / Re: Anyone remember this tee shirt?
May 16, 2023, 05:18:17 PM
Ebay has one XL shirt with a small reprint of the Ssshevy shirt. $ 15.00.   Mark
I have these shots from 444.  Mark
Thanks for the additional tips.   There are no VIN numbers ( partial or full ) on the case anywhere, and no serial number as described by John.  Sorry there was no additional info.  My takeaway is still from my prior post that this transmission is NOT from an original Cobra as the seller thought.  He is very appreciative of the info you all have provided, and I hope that the David Kee Motorsports site is helpful to him.   Thanks again for all the help.  Mark   
Thanks guys, I knew the collective knowledge of the forum members would know the answers.   I will let the seller know that his transmission isn't from an original Cobra ,  and I'll refer him to David Kee Motorsports for clarification.  Mark
Here are the remaining casting numbers and the Hurst shifter mentioned in the first post.  Thanks , Mark
Hi everyone,  a friend has offered a transmission for sale, and says it came from an original Cobra.  I have my doubts, but I'm no Cobra expert, so I thought I would ask the forum members.   I'm attaching four photos in this first post of the transmission and casting numbers, and three photos of casting numbers and the Hurst shifter that comes with it in the next post.   Any help identifying this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Mark
1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: Original Ford Exhaust Hangers
October 06, 2022, 12:15:15 PM
Hi Guys,

   When I bought SFM5s444 in 2010, the rear exhaust hangers were on the car, and showed no evidence of ever being used, modified, or whatever.  The front hangers were not on the car, but the plate with the two studs that would have held the front hangers were on the car.  No nuts or washers on the studs.  I am attaching two photos showing the driver and passenger side rear hangers.  Mark
Bob is always right.   I have no leads on where to get one, I am blessed that the one I have was still with the car when I bought it.   I am posting a couple of photos of the steering wheel in the condition before and after.  Dave Pearce brought it back to life for me.  MM