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Summer 2016 10

Jeff Burgy’s


We’ve been wondering when Ford

would be bringing out a line of 2016

Ford GT merchandise. We got an e-

blast from their website in April show-

ing 14 items, including six different

t-shirts, a hat, a ceramic mug and a

decal.We have to say that we were un-

derwhelmed. We expected more in the

way of graphics because as nice as the

car is, the shirts were just not very in-

spiring. Don’t take our word for it –

judge for yourself. The website is:

The Ford GT decal is something you

might want to put on your refrigerator

out in your garage. It’s 9 3/4˝ x 2 5/16˝

and will cost you seven bucks.

Two ‘06 Ford GTs in Gulf Heritage

livery went across the block at the

Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm

Beach, Florida the first weekend in

April. One was advertised with 2.7

miles (the other had 3K miles) and we

were naturally curious to know what

a virtually no-mileage GT would sell

for. The 2.7-mile car [

pictured at the


] fetched $425K and that gener-

ated a couple of questions. We turned

to Ford GT Registrar Jeff Burgy for

the answers.

A mileage of 2.7 is barely more

than moving the car through produc-

tion, putting it on the transporter and

moving it around the dealership. Was

that the lowest mileage GT in Burgy’s

registry? Not quite. The lowest one he

knew about was another ‘06 Heritage

model that was sold with a miniscule

1.7 miles. Another Heritage was sold

with 1.8 miles.

What was the top price paid, so

far, for a GT? That would be $510K

(not including premiums) for an ‘06

Heritage with 100 miles at the Mecum

auction in Monterey in August ‘14.

The next highest price paid was

$475K (plus premiums) for a Heritage

with 5,718 miles at Barrett-Jackson in

January, 2016.

There would seem to be no direct

correlation between low mileage and

high price. However, it is obvious that

the Gulf Heritage editions, a $13K op-

tion when the cars were new, now

bring $50K-$75K over other colors.

Only 343 Heritage models were made

and more of them in “wrapper” condi-

tion have been purchased by collectors

than any of the other colors.

Both of these cars were Canadian

builds (extra reinforced front bumper

and an extension piece on the rear

bumper) which usually sell for slightly

less than US built cars. So, it’s really

hard to predict prices in advance.