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Actually, we recall starting

something similar in SAAC back

around 1978 or so. We called it a

“No Nothing Meet” and it was in

response to the trend within the

club where regional meets had be-

come more and more complicated

because regional leaders and/or

event committees had been se-

duced by the kind of enthusiasm

they had seen at SAAC’s national

conventions. They sought to make

these local events a type of “mini-

convention” and tried to include

everything that annual conven-

tions had: a large headquarters

hotel that had a large parking

area, a car show with trophies, an

evening dinner and program with

guest speakers and goodies like t-

shirts and dash plaques.

Naturally, this took a lot of ad-

vanced planning, preparation and

promotion. A registration was re-

quired (pre-registration to collect

fees in advance to help offset ex-

penses which had to be paid for in

ahead of time and also to provide

event organizers with a rough idea

of how many participants they

could expect, as well as a staffed

registration table at the event).

These regional leaders discovered

that this level of event required a

lot of work and in many cases after

putting one or more weekend

events on, it was more than they

wanted to commit to. The number

began to decrease.

SAAC suggested a simple al-

ternative to these large regionals

weekend events, which we dubbed

the “No-Nothing Meet.” Basically,

someone (usually a regional officer,

but not necessarily) chose a date

and location and put the word out.

Weather permitting, whoever

wanted to go, would. There were no

registration fees, no t-shirts, no

dash plaques, no car show, no tro-

phies, no catered meal, no staff in

charge of running things and no

rain date.

No nothing

. Just bring

your car, show up, look around and

socialize. Kind of like, now that we

think of it, Cars & Coffee.

Summer 2016 7



Someone who will be announced on December 10, 2016 at the Shelby American

Collection in Boulder, Colorado. The car in this year’s drawing contest is a 2016

Shelby GT350, chassis #G2265, Magnetic Gray with the track package. It is

loaded with every GT350 bell and whistle and tickets are $25 for two (with one

bonus ticket) all the way to 80 tickets for $1,000 (with 120 bonus tickets), with

five other increments between them. The non-profit museum uses the drawing

as a fund-raiser and by purchasing tickets you are, in effect, contributing to

the museum. And if you are lucky, you will get to drive a new GT350 home from


Long before California elected Arnold

the Governator, there was a small

group backing Dan Gurney. This pic-

ture of a Shelby American truck



] was taken in October of 1966.

Note: this campaign should not be con-

fused with the original Gurney for

President campaign, started by


and Driver

editor David E. Davis Jr.

which began in that magazine’s May,

1964 issue. The automotive segment of

the electorate turned out not to be

quite as large as imagined and the

Gurney campaign never caught fire.