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Aftermarket mufflers… any favorites?

Started by BeaterGT500, May 02, 2023, 04:50:53 PM

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Putting my 67 GT 500 together with non-stock exhaust (have all correct pieces in storage for later).  Has the 428 with JBA SS tri-Y headers on it.  Planning to run 2.5" pipes with an H or X, stock hanger locations, out the rear valence.  I had a small block car with the old Flowmaster 2 chambers and it was LOUD.  Not shooting for that loud, but want some tone at idle.  Been reading about Magnaflow, and Dynomax.  And favorites out there?
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Both are good choices. However, be careful, the 'Ultra-Flows' from DynoMax can be a bit loud. Not as noisy as those pesky 2 chamber Flowmasters. Magnaflow's Muscle Car turbos have a nice rumbling mello non drone tone. I suggest a Google/YouTube search and hear them both.
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Spin Tech's are my favorite. Running them on my CJ Mach with H pipe. Previously ran them on a 427 in a 68 GT 500 with full 3" exhaust, Tri Y headers, and Dr Gas X pipe. I'm going to duplicate that exhaust on my 427 Fairlane.
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I am not impressed by the Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers at all. I put some on my car in 1994. By 2004 one of the baffles came loose so I replaced both mufflers with new ones. In 2014 one of the baffles came loose again. This time I got replacement mufflers from Midas guaranteed forever.
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The 3 chamber Flowmasters on one of my cars are 34 years old and I never had a problem with them. I had 2 chamber Flowmasters on 1 of my cars and they were fine. A little loud but I didn't mind. I have 3 chamber Delta Flow Flowmasters on 2 other cars and my pickup truck. I love the sound and they are not too loud at all.
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I never had any issue with the FlowMaster 3-chamber on the car I had for over 20 years, and they were not as loud as the 2-chamber, good sound and very livable.
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Dynomax Super Turbo were perfect on my old 428 CJ Torino.  Not loud or droning at cruise but nice sound on throttle.


Does anyone have the Dynomax Super Turbo on a small block?  I have a 347 Stroker motor in my carryover and I have two chamber Flow master and they sound great but are to loud with way way to much drone.  I am trying to decide between three chamber FM or maybe try the Dynomax.  Getting rid of the drone is my main priority


Quote from: JD on May 03, 2023, 06:57:24 AM
I never had any issue with the FlowMaster 3-chamber on the car I had for over 20 years, and they were not as loud as the 2-chamber, good sound and very livable.

There was no drone on what I had, Tri-Y headers, 2-1/4 inch pipe, 289 bored "30-over", aluminum heads.
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Have FlowMaster Delta-40 2-chambers on my 66 with a 347, sound great and really liked it ~20 years ago when I installed them but way too loud for me now. I'm looking for the same recommendations as OP.
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I am going to suggest Magnaflow 15816 2.5" system. Complete system. I have a similar system (but 3") on my 69, it is top quality and a great sound. Stainless, mandrel bent system. Includes X pipe. I am very happy with the fit, you would probably have to get an exhaust shop to modify the tail pipes to go thru the valance, but I installed the rest of it at home.

fwiw Mike

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I started with Flowmaster single chamber, then 2 chamber and finally 3 chamber and It never changed very much inside but it's not bad outside. Had a friend blast by at full throttle and I was very surprised how nice it sounded.

If it starts it's streetable.
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Turbo-style mufflers have always been the "go To" muffler design. I had them on both the 68 302 and the 69 428 SCJ. Great tone, quiet until you hit it hard, and then still good.