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Aftermarket mufflers… any favorites?

Started by BeaterGT500, May 02, 2023, 04:50:53 PM

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I worked with my exhaust guy and took his recommendation on using Dynomax turbo mufflers, 2.5" diameter and an H pipe.  He kept the center section easily removable for simple clutch service.  He had to heat up and slightly bend the passenger side header collector inward just a bit to clear the floor pan.  The JBA stainless tri-Y headers are nice and tight to the car... just a bit too tight for collector clearance on the passenger side.  Being an early car with the hand cut valence and chopped-off GT aluminum trim, we used some stainless tips that fit nicely.
Hoping this setup sounds great and maximizes the engine improvements over stock.  I do have the original cast iron manifolds, and intermediate pipes with correct resonators for returning it to factory original down the road.
Current custodian of 1967 GT500 #683, and a real Meyers Manx dune buggy. Also currently broke as a result.


Still want to see it when it hits the road.
Lynnwood is not that far. Good luck.