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Oem lower side scoops 68

Started by 68cobra427, May 13, 2023, 12:39:07 PM

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After getting one of the early drivers side and with help from here seeing there was 2 versions I found another drivers scoop and it ended up being later style. for sure shape difference and hole location. Interesting wonder why the change would be needed.


My car, 3/14/68 has the later style scoops. I wonder why the Shelby lower scoops were left open and the GT/CS scoops are not?



Good question. Here is my Nos GT/CS scoop.


Also wondering if the GT/CS is identical to the High Country Special. Orig is there a difference there as well.


How do you know its a change ?

Maybe its just two different molds?
The original Influencer, check out


Could be a mold change.  I talked with someone that has a oem early scoop and his is missing the part that attaches the front. Possible the early did not hold up as good . Therefore the difference in the mold and using the outer location to mount the scoop in thicker fiberglass area.