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Shelby GT350R Restomod

Started by Shelby_r_b, March 23, 2018, 02:12:28 PM

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I have been remiss in posting the progress of this build.  And, I believe its finally coming to fruition!

Here are some shots of the engine bay progression:
- The first picture shows the engine bay a few months back after initial mounting of the power steering reservoir
- The second picture shows the catch can installation, as well as the power steering hose routing; which goes through the shock tower - pretty cool!
- The third picture shows a view down the driver's side of the engine bay
Nothing beats a classic!


Here are some interior shots:

- The first picture shows the cluster installed
- The second picture shows the two additional gauges installed in the glove box area, as well as the MSD unit
- The third picture shows the wiper motor installation.  This was a bit of a nightmare, as the stock motor didn't clear the lower horizontal cage bar, so a low profile motor had to be installed with a redesigned mount.  The wipers are needed to keep it street legal  ;)
Nothing beats a classic!


Here are some shots of the trunk:

- The first picture was taken a while back when the fuel cell was first mounted.  As you will see, an original fuel tank was cut in half and mounted to the car.  Then, the fuel cell was mounted to the lower fuel tank piece, so as to hide the fuel cell from view outside of the car.
- The second picture shows the rear battery mount, as well as the fully routed fuel cell, filter and fuel pump

Nothing beats a classic!


One last shot for today:

- Here you can see the power steering hoses going through the driver's side shock tower from an outside view

More to come!
Nothing beats a classic!


Looks like a cracker, Thanks for posting, Peter


Another monster to scare women, children and small communities. I like it!
"Low she sits on five spoke wheels
Small block eight so live she feels
There she's parked beside the curb
Engine revving to disturb
She's the princess from his past
Red paint gold stripes damned she's fast"


So glad they left the shock towers in place.

I hate it when they remove them completely.


Thanks to all!

And, I have to agree with you, Michael - I, too, don't like when they take the shock towers out.  As crazy as it sounds, I like seeing the shock towers when I look under the hood - it reminds me that it's a classic Mustang / Shelby.  Without the shock towers, I feel a bit I'm looking under the hood of something other than a Mustang / Shelby.
Nothing beats a classic!


And don't forget the enormous strength of a deeply stamped (hydroformed?) piece like the shock tower provides.

Yeah, Camaros don't have them, but they were engineered differently from the get go.


The pulleys and belts are now installed, as well as the dry sump tank. 👍🏻

I love the beefiness of the crank to dry sump pump pulley. 💪🏻
Nothing beats a classic!


And, here is the steering wheel of choice once it's installed.
Nothing beats a classic!


Its been a while, and there have been some great updates!

All the hoses and fittings for the dry sump are now in place.  Attached are a top and under side view of the hoses.

...that one hose connected to the reservoir is huge!
Nothing beats a classic!


Here's a shot of all the pulleys and belts from the top and front.
Nothing beats a classic!


Here are shots of the underside of the front and back, as well as a closeup of the suspension setup in the rear.

I love the stock looking fuel tank from below / behind, even though the car has a fuel cell.   ;)
Nothing beats a classic!

Jim Herrud

I'm really enjoying this thread, Ruben!

I see some of the same equipment that I'm installing in my Restomod, for instance the TCP steering & front suspension, dash, trans, etc. but your build much more ambitious than mine.

Keep it coming!
Shelby Buff.
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