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Shelby GT350R Restomod

Started by Shelby_r_b, March 23, 2018, 02:12:28 PM

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Quote from: Jim Herrud on December 19, 2019, 11:32:48 PM
I'm really enjoying this thread, Ruben!

I see some of the same equipment that I'm installing in my Restomod, for instance the TCP steering & front suspension, dash, trans, etc. but your build much more ambitious than mine.

Keep it coming!

Thanks!  You should post more pictures of your Restomod - I'd love to see them.  And, trust me - the ambition comes from the builders.  Big 3 Performance does an awesome job!

BTW - for those with a discerning eye, you'll notice the electrical cord hanging down in front of the passenger's side front tire.  Question:  anyone know what it is for?  :D

I had to ask, and, of course, since the car is being built in Green Bay, WI, I asked if it was for a block heater...LOL.
Nothing beats a classic!

Jim Herrud

Electrical cord in the right-front engine bay, hub? Electric fan controller?
By the way, did you enlarge the radiator opening to get the dual-fan system installed?

I'm hoping to get restarted on my project over this holiday break, so I might have some progress to post next month. Had some 'circle of life' drama to deal with recently. I also got a 2019 GT350 and started doing some track days. That's been a huge, but fun distraction!
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Nice! You've picked a good distraction. 👍🏻

I found out that the electrical cord is for prewarming the engine oil. Given my skill set, I may never need it, and it was a cool surprise.  8)
Nothing beats a classic!


Brian R. Glover
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They just painted the rear axle assembly. Nice!
Nothing beats a classic!


It's been a while since I posted an update on the car.  And, another post today jarred my memory to get some more pictures up.

It's alive!  The car is now up and running!  I wish I could post a video, but now sure how to do that.   :-[

Either way, here are some recent pics of the interior and the engine bay.  The push button located where the climate controls would be is for solenoid operated parking brakes - very cool.  The shock towers will be reinforced soon, as well as some general sorting / paint / cleanup work.

Nothing beats a classic!

chris NOS

it sounds like you 'll have a lot of fun driving this monster ! Nice work done on it ! keep on going posting !


She's sooooo close to being done!  65 side stripes and a few finishing details.  I can't wait!!
Nothing beats a classic!


The eagle has finally landed!!!

My 1965 R Model Restomod is now safe at home in Texas! I'll post more pictures as I get time.

...this thing is a BEAST!!
Nothing beats a classic!


Congratulations - use the right pedal wisely ;-)
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chris NOS


I was able to take the R to its first Cars and Coffee today. It was the first Cara and Coffee since March of last year. What a great turnout!

I made some additions to the exterior (13 is my favorite number 😉). And, I saw the best license plate today.

Nothing beats a classic!


Beautiful car Rubin!...any happy and safe miles to you :)
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Sorry I missed it, but labor out at Mom's took president this weekend.  See you at next weeks rally I hope.
Tom Kubler


I was able to see the beast a few times as it was being assembled at Aaron's. It looks amazing. The only thing I missed was it fired up! How about you post a video clip of that baby spitting some exhaust out the back!!  8)
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