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New headlight switch

Started by gt350bp, March 26, 2023, 09:55:36 AM

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Looking for recommendation for best headlight switch for a 65/66. Had a flashing headlight problem last week on my trip to the American Muscle Car Museum show in Melbourne, FL. Any firsthand knowledge would be appreciated.

Thank you.


texas swede

I recommend you buy a switch for a car with 4 headlights (18A) instead of the original type (12A).
This is true especially if you use halogen headlights.
Texas Swede

Royce Peterson

If you have flashing headlights the issue is too much current for the switch to handle. Fortunately, you can remove the halogen headlamps and plug in LED headlamps that are brighter and far less current. Problem solved.
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If the headlight flashing was occasional, not regular, check the plug for the headlights where it goes into the firewall to make sure it is tight and clean.  That was the problem when my headlights acted up several years ago.


Good point! My L.H front turn signal occasionally goes out and it is the firewall connection as you described. The headlights were flashing consistently until I opened the air vent. That seemed to solve the problem, but I know when the weather warms up in July for the drive to SAAC, that would be a concern, as I will have about 4-hrs of night driving.

I'm running sealed beam headlight and not even halogen headlights. I like the LED's but the price looks to be about $125 per bulb. I'd rather try to figure the root cause and try to fix that and run the FOMOCO etched sealed beams. Pulled the switch and no obvious problem other than being about 30 years old. It is a Motorcraft marked C5ZB 11652 A1. Any way to bench test the switch?

I assume the 4-headlamp switch would be the one use for a 69? The only issue is that the spacer is not included with the switch and modifications would need to be done to make it work in a 65/66 I assume.

NPD has some alternate bulbs, but I have no firsthand experience with any of them, so I'm hesitant to try them.


TA Coupe

I had a similar problem and it ended up being the flasher.

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