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Ford GT / Re: 2022 Ford GT in gold
June 01, 2022, 11:07:58 PM
I believe that Steve Volk of the Shelby American Collection has one of these on order.  I would assume he will display it at the Collection at some point in time in the future.
These are most likely the parts that SAI had "on the shelf" and were used for this unique and probably short lived setup. The oil filter mount and engine block adapter on the left is from a 427 S/C Cobra. The engine block adapter on the right is from a GT40 MKII. Either block adapter could have been used.
Quote from: Bob Gaines on May 19, 2022, 11:33:03 PM
Quote from: 98SVT - was 06GT on May 19, 2022, 09:33:42 PM
I wonder if the bung was to check the oil temp as it came out of the engine - maybe another one at the exit of the cooler? Or..... for a gauge to check pressure drop on the enlarged system?
Now that you mention it the shape of what is coming out of the filter upon reexamination looks like it could be a thermocouple shape rather then a oil pressure hex shaped fitting. I was puzzled before when contemplating this odd set up because the 427 SC oil feed lines block adapter ( that was most likely used) has a provision for a oil pressure fitting which would eliminated the need for the odd set up on the filter in the picture if that was what it was for. Also with the oil pressure line run from the SC block adapter the oil line could take the regular production path to the gauge . If the line seen coming out of  the oil filter was a thermocouple used for temperature gauge readings it would all make more sense especially since Eric has confirmed from pictures of a oil temp gauge mounted between the oil pressure/amp gauge .

Hello Bob,

There first photo was taken by Pete Biro for the Car and Driver road test, which I believe took place in November.  It shows a single mount engine oil temperature gauge mounted under the dash to the right side of the standard Shelby gauge pod.  Look carefully and you can see the mounting bracket and the right side of the gauge bezel.  There was no engine oil cooler installed on the car at this time.

The second photo was taken by Bob D'Olivo on 12/12/66 for Motor Trend magazine.  The engine oil temperature gauge is no longer present.  So, it seems that once the engine oil cooler was installed they apparently believed the driver no longer needed to monitor engine oil temperature.

Quote from: TA Coupe on May 19, 2022, 10:48:55 PM
The oil cooler looks just like a transam boss 302 one that they used it, was made by Harrison and I believe they came out of helicopters.


Here are a couple of photos of the engine oil cooler currently installed on 0100.  I did not go so far as to cut the grille for one of the lines, but I think what is there looks pretty close.  It will look even closer if I add the light gauge metal ducting from the top of the grille back to the cooler.

I hope to have a better version of this photo soon, but I thought I would post this version now while this discussion is ongoing.  This is another photo that was taken of 0100 on 12/12/66 by Bob D'Olivo for Motor Trend magazine.  Finally, a photo that shows a little more detail of the engine oil cooler which has been installed in the upper grille opening on the passenger side.  I have also attached a cropped down version of the photo that zeros in on the engine oil cooler.  It appears that some light gauge metal ducting has been attached to the top of the grille and goes rearward to the top of the cooler.
Quote from: Bob Gaines on May 19, 2022, 04:41:03 PM
My first thought is how odd to mount the remote oil filter bracket sideways. There would not be any changing of filter in that position without a big mess. Another odd thing and signs of initial prototype status and development is apparent brazing of a fitting bung to the filter body so a mechanical gauge pressure line could be attached.  Given it's first status in GT500 production with factory A/C system and the GT500 only engine oil cooler suggests that remote filter status seen in the picture had something to do with that is my guess. The system most likely started out with a similar type of  oil block adapter ,remote filter adapter/bracket and oil line plumbing as the the 427 SC. I am guessing that this setup was seen as the labor and logistic disaster I can envision it looked like in my mind and the the regular production oil filter donut/oil cooler line adapter was quickly developed and added to the stock oil filter block adapter. That and because the donut added to the the stock block adapter made the regular oil filter hang down farther that the already in use Fram short oil filter used on the 427 street Cobras was also employed.


Thanks.  Very well explained and that is exactly what I believe the photo indicates took place with 0100.  During the Car and Driver and Road & Track road tests, which I believe took place in November of 1966, it became obvious the car had overheating issues and something needed to be done.  The changes made to 0100 started right after the Car and Driver road test.  The photos that I have show the following progression of changes leading up to the Sports Car Graphic road test whose photos are dated 12/09/66 and the Motor Trend photos which are dated 12/12/66.

1. Car and Driver road test: the car has no radiator support to hood seal and it has its front license plate installed. A high resolution interior photo that I have shows an engine oil temperature gauge mounted just to the right of the standard Shelby under dash gauge pod.
2. Road & Track road test: the front license plate has been removed in order to increase airflow through the lower portion of the radiator; and second, a radiator support to hood seal has been installed to try and keep the airflow from spilling up and over the radiator.
3. Sports Car Graphic road test: the photos show an engine oil cooler has been installed in the upper grille opening on the passenger side (but the engine oil temp gauge has been removed from under the dash). One can see engine oil lines zip tied alongside the driver's side strut rod support. The second change is that light gauge sheet metal or aluminum "ducting" has been added to the driver's side of the radiator opening to direct air through the radiator.
4. Motor Trend photos: apparently shows the engine oil filter has been remote mounted in the driver's side front wheel well to facilitate the plumbing of the engine oil lines from engine to filter to cooler and back to engine.  This would have been completed prior to 12/09/66 for the Sports Car Graphic road test.

Quote from: JD on May 19, 2022, 01:23:23 PM
Is there still evidence of items having been installed there?

Hello JD,

I have never looked, and since the car's nose section was replaced with '68 fiberglass by Shelby Automotive, I am not sure what would still be there.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Interesting Photo Of 0100
May 19, 2022, 01:00:32 PM
In my never ending quest to research 0100's history, I acquired this photo a couple of nights ago.  The photo was taken by Bob D'Olivo for Motor Trend magazine on Monday, 12/12/66.  I was definitely surprised to see what appears to be the engine oil filter with an oil pressure line attached to it remotely mounted in the driver's side front wheel well!!!
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: October 1966 HERTZ Photo!
February 11, 2022, 06:44:29 PM
I believe the photo first appeared on FB back on January 29th.
Quote from: Coralsnake on January 14, 2022, 11:45:31 AM
I am not talking about 463....there is another 1967 car sent to AO Smith in July 67 and converted to a 1968

Hello Pete,

That is news to me.  Which car are you referring to?

Best regards,
Quote from: Coralsnake on January 14, 2022, 09:04:52 AM
I am just wondering why you guys didn't invite the other 1967 Shelby that was built with 1968 fiberglass?

Maybe I will save that for the next website update...

Hello Pete,

With all due respect, car 0463 is not a sister to these three cars and thus there was no need for it to be there.  The three cars were "born" together as '67s, and that is what the reunion was about.

Best regards,
Quote from: Richstang on January 13, 2022, 10:31:32 PM
Quote from: Coralsnake on January 13, 2022, 05:35:14 PM
I am looking for other 1967s that kept their VINs and became 1968s.

Like the red convertible or lil Red.

I'm sure you can look all of this following information up in the documentation/letters that were uncovered many years back...

I recall the only two cars to initially receive the '68 fiberglass styling (VanAkin letter) and also retained the '67 Shelby VIN were the #00139 Red convertible and the #00463 Lime Gold fastback / AC test car. The fastback was later repainted painted Acapulco Blue with the added '68 fiberglass. We know both were used in period '68 magazine advertisements. We saw #00463 and #00139 in '68 guise, displayed at SAAC 38 in CA back in 2013. I don't believe the hardtop #00131 Lil Red, aka Big Red with dual Paxton superchargers, had a Shelby American Inc. VIN plate when recently found. (No holes found on the inner fenders)

If #00100 was configured with '68 styling it was likely done, along with #00131 Little Red sometime in 1969 to help sell them off (to look like newer models). The paper trail suggests they were both used as engineering cars, documented in an old Shelby American issue. A January 1969 inventory list had #00100 listed as an 'emissions' engineering car, noting it having '67 Mag Star rims.


The guy that owned 0100 from 1974-1977 told me years ago the car was configured as a '68 and had the '69 Cougar seats in it when he bought it.  Jason Billups has also told me that when they were doing the interviews with Walter Nelson for the 0131 restoration and documentary; Nelson stated that some of the used '67 engineering cars had been updated with '68 fiberglass and that he had installed Cougar interior parts in some of them before they were sold to Courtesy Ford.

"First V738-2 in September 1966 and then the other three - 100, 131, and 139 three months later in December 1966.  All four of these GT500s were at the French Lick Shelby show this past October for a historic reunion."

Alright, time to air some grievances.  Pete, I apologize to you up front for this being on a thread that you started. 

1. V738-2 was made 2 months before 0100, not three.  The SAI completion date (12/07/66) in the registry is not accurate.  That date is a moved to finished inventory accounting date and is not 0100's actual SAI completion date.  0100's SAI completion date is presently unknown, but I have researched and provided adequate photographic evidence that supports 0100 having a SAI completion date in November, and that it could possibly be as early as November 10th.
2. As supported by the official event t-shirt and poster, the Indiana SAAC Fall Classic featured a three car reunion, not four.  The owners of 0100, 0131, and 0139 conferred back and forth for more than two years juggling schedules and priorities trying to arrange a public reunion of these three true sister cars.  Indiana SAAC was instrumental in making this happen by specifically inviting the three cars and making them the headliners of the 2021 Fall Classic.
3. You just had to interject your car into mix even though it was not invited, and you did this without the courtesy/decency of contacting the owners of the other three cars.  You also tried to keep things under the radar by entering your car as a '67 Mustang so as not to draw any attention until it was too late for anyone to object without ruining the public reunion of the three sister cars.
4. The four car photo that you posted, and any others that are out there, were taken after the show and without the blessing/consent of the owners or representatives of 0100, 0131, and 0139.  How late on Friday night, or early on Saturday morning were you and your buddies sneaking around to move your car and take photos when the other car's owners were not present?

Quote from: Coralsnake on January 13, 2022, 05:35:14 PM
I am looking for other 1967s that kept their VINs and became 1968s.

Like the red convertible or lil Red.

Hello Pete,

0100 was reconfigured as a '68, and it also received '69 Cougar XR7 leather front seats prior to being sold to Courtesy Ford.

Quote from: Bob Gaines on January 10, 2022, 05:30:03 PM
Quote from: 67411F--0100-ENG. on January 10, 2022, 03:25:30 PM
There is always an exception to the rule...............

Here is a photo of 0100 taken by Motor Trend magazine on 12/12/66.

Exceptions typically require evidence to support the out of the ordinary for a given car. Eric's evidence in this case is pretty iron clad.

Hello Bob,

I did look through my photos of cars 0050 and 0173.  Unfortunately, I do not have photos of those two cars with their trunks open.