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Wanted to Buy / 1967 - 1967 Cougar XR7 Wanted
June 17, 2019, 03:35:15 PM
Hi folks-  Have been away for a while..  Slightly off topic, but looking for a bit of a referral/reference please.  Have my eye open for a 67 or 68 XR7, 289/302, prefer a 4bbl; but a 2bbl would work, with a 3 speed automatic, AC is a must-have in the DFW area.  Prefer bucket seats, not a bench.  All original/not model/resto-modded.  Just not much I can find locally (DFW area) right now. Would prefer a running/driving car.  Going a slightly different direction, would also consider a Bud Moore/Dan Gurney 'replica' Cougar if at least reasonably cosmetically accurate; auto/4 speed/5 speed is fine. Really don't want a project.  Too old now for that!  Appreciate any leads.