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I bought these in advance of a Cougar Trans-Am (Dan Gurney/Bud Moore Engineering) that never happened.

One (1) C8WY-13A366-AS for 1968 Cougar Plug & play replacement for OEM Ford/FoMoCo unit. (Should also work for 1968 Shelby running T-Bird tail lights (replaces mechanical relay also known as 'dynamite stick' in the trunk)

One (1) C8WY-14290-AR for 1968 Cougar 'standard (not XR-7). Complete plug & play Dash panel to headlamp wiring harness.

For additional information, Google "Cougars Unlimited" in ABQ NM and/or Speak with Vic. Great guy!

Six hundred for both... Saves you ~200.00 or more as there is no tax on this... I already paid it! 

Thank you,
Wanted to Buy / 69/70 GT350
December 17, 2021, 12:04:04 PM
Hi folks, Hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. Wanted to see if anyone had any 69 or 70 GT 350s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Prefer automatic and air-conditioning is a must for me. Let me know what you have thank you for looking.
I am in the DFW area.  Wondering in there is anything in the area on the market/under the RADAR.  If a Boss 302, prefer a 69' prefer WR or 5 speed conversion.  Prefer black interior.  Color less important.  Don't want a huge project.  Don't want a trailer queen either, and waaaaay to OCD for that.... BTDT, got the T-shirt.  Please message me if you have something.  A 69' or 70 GT350 as well, but want Auto & A/C on that one...  I've done the FE thing, not my kind of fun...  Thank you in advance folks-
Up For Auction / Up on BaT over the weekend
November 08, 2021, 07:04:30 PM
Looks like a nice 69'.  I noticed the pic of the registry says Mitch Hughes (no relation to me - but he did build a CAV GT40 for me in 2004), so I called him and let him know it was up for auction.  Will be interested to see what it sells for. next Saturday.
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Consensus on BFG TA's
November 07, 2021, 11:33:18 PM
What's the preferred size for the BFG TA radials for the 69/70's?  Based on searching the forum, looks like 235x60x15.  Way back, I thought I recall buddies who ran 275x50x15's, but looks like that size is NLA.  Thank you in advance for the help folks- 
Appeals / Transportation Services
October 16, 2021, 10:49:54 AM
All-  Hopefully, this is the right place for this - if not, Bill, please move it as needed.  One member reached out with a recommendation on a car hauler he's used in the past (Thank you John!), but that individual no longer hauls cars.  Believe he's now a short haul driver.  I have used the big guy's before, but for this haul would prefer an individual with their own vehicle and enclosed trailer as there will be parts/boxes, and other stuff to haul back (interior parts, etc.). If anyone has a recommendation or is a retired/semi-retired guy that has the right equipment and willing to do it, or needs to have a load from the greater Knoxville TN area to the Justin Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area), please reach out.  Timing would likely be mid November to Christmas, but dates could be flexible.  Any questions, please feel free to PM me.
Up For Auction / Anyone know this 70'?
July 23, 2021, 12:02:38 PM
Anyone know this car?  Had a buddy in the 70's that had a white/red big block.  Always liked the look.  He bought it back in the mid-90's.  This one looks like an honest car.  Any history here? I know it's a pain to put factory AC in a non-ac 69/70, but it can be done.  In Texas, I'd need that.  Car's been advertised for a while...  Appreciate any & all thoughts...  I no longer have a registry.  If you have a white/red 70 small block auto w/AC for sale... let me know please.

Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania, 19543
Stock #: 2823
VIN #: 0F02M482967
Mileage: 12,938
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Wimbledon White
Interior: Red

Seller's Description:
1970 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Shelby Mustangs have been around almost as long as the Mustang itself. The first Shelby GT350 debuted in 1965 and solidified the Mustang's legacy as a fast car, helping to build a racing pedigree for Ford's new pony car. Shelby took that and added to it, creating a version of the Mustang that could hold its own on the track and inspired generations of tuners. Though there are many variations of the Shelby Mustang, the one thing they all have in common is a blend of performance features and race-inspired looks that turn heads.

A funny thing happened on the way to 1970 with an interesting footnote to Shelby Mustang History. A number of 1969 Shelbys remained unsold heading into 1970. In lieu of marketing them as 1969 leftovers, Ford sent the leftovers to Kar Kraft where they were updated into 1970 models with hood stripes, a front spoiler and new VIN. This happened with a mere 789 units with even less, (261), GT350 Fastback models showing in Wimbledon White with blue stripes. Consigner stated low miles, and a 351ci Windsor V8 we give you a rebranded 1970 rare white and blue GT350 fastback!

With the 1969/70 design we see a long, long front hood that ends with a chrome band around the front grille. This frames a black egg crate small horizontal opening with the Cobra badge and a single round headlight at either end. Below are some fog lights, another small opening for extra airflow, and a black spoiler courtesy Kar Kraft. The long hood has dual scooped openings and long open bumps painted in black in contrast to the Wimbledon White background. The front fenders sport the beginnings of the triple blue stripe indicative of the GT350's and this runs the length of the sides of this machine. On the rear quarter is a small air vent, the only textural exterior feature on this model as the hockey stick cove is gone. A black large louvered rear glass gracefully descends to the trunk lid which has a small spoiler atop. On back are two bars of sequential taillights and a small bumper neatly inserted to frame the bottom of the roll pan which sports the round bezel reverse lights. 15 inch Shelby cast wheels are on all 4 corners and are wrapped in F60-15 Goodyear Polyglas GT raised white lettered radials. Straight original steel, nice paint and the blue stripes all come together to create the Kar Kraft 1970 Fastback GT350.

A swing of the extra long doors to allow easier access and we see burgundy molded vinyl uppers which house a large wood appliqué cobra badged panel just above the armrest/door pull. Below is a band of burgundy carpeting and a few chromed accents, (mirror joystick, window crank and a courtesy light), are embedded within these fields. Inside high back seats with headrests are awaiting the passengers. These seats are covered in red vinyl and have tuck and roll inserts with smooth bolsters. In back are matching pattern and color 2 plus 2 seats in bench format. Racing through these buckets starting in front of the back bench is a black and wood appliqué center console. This houses the T styled shift lever and has small openings to hold the seat belts when not in use, and joystick style switches for courtesy lighting. Moving forward prior to the rise upward in the center of the dash are 2 gauges proudly pointing toward the driver indicating oil pressure and alternator voltage. Rising upward is the climate controls and another wood appliqué panel which has the radio. Then we move to the center dash which is molded plastic padded in burgundy color center panel that creates the eyebrow coves for the glovebox and instrument clusters. Deep round inset gauges in front of the drilled rally cobra badged wood rimmed steering wheel. A chronographic clock is inserted into the wood appliqué panel above the glovebox on the passenger's side. Burgundy carpeting floods the floors and is excellent and a tight red headliner with a roll bar behind the front buckets is seen above.

Under the pristine painted in black inside hood is a nicely presenting blue painted block and ribbed cast valve covered 351ci Windsor V8. This block is correct for the year and model of the car; however the vin stamping is incorrect but has the correct casting number, (C90E-6015-B). Under a blue painted open air filter housing is a 4-barrel carburetor and on back is a correct FMX 3-speed automatic. This pushes power rearward to a Ford 9-inch 3.25 TracLok rear axle. All clean and supple hoses and wires with all looking good under this hood which has a RAM air-esque seal that matches up to open air cleaner.

Underneath beautiful black stamped metal floorpans and rockers are within the confines of the remainder of the mechanicals which include clean independent coil spring front suspension, and leaf sprung rear suspension. Power disc brakes are on front, and power drums on the back. A shiny Flowmaster dual exhaust provides the exhale accommodations for the Windsor V8. In the interest of full disclosure , and subject to your independent inspection, the driver's side shock tower appears to have some Bondo at the bottom and floor pan repair was completed with the overlap method rather than butt welded in, although all remains seemingly structurally sound.

This car fired right up and on the test track it performed exactly as expectations dictated, fabulously! Great snappy acceleration, bias free panic stopping, and smooth automatic shifting. Handling was spot on, and all functions were working just fine.

An interesting story of how this rare version of the now 1970 GT350 came to be, and all packaged to look great, run wonderfully and all done with low consigner stated but not verified original mileage. Comes with an Elie Marti report. Gonna go quick, I can just feel it!

F-Dearborn, MI Assy Plant
M-351ci V8 4bbl 300hp
482967-Sequential Unit Number

BODY 63C-Shelby Fastback
COLOR M5-Wimbledon White
TRIM 3DA-Red Knit Vinyl Buckets
AXLE R-Ford 9'' 3.25 TracLoc
TRANS X-FMX 3 Speed Automatic
DSO 842726-Home Office Domestic Special Order

Classic Auto Mall is a 336,000-square foot classic and special interest automobile showroom, featuring over 600 vehicles for sale with showroom space for up to 1,000 vehicles. Also, a 400 vehicle barn find collection is on display.
This vehicle is located in our showroom in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, conveniently located just 1-hour west of Philadelphia on the I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike. The website is and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us anytime for more information or to come see the vehicle in person.

Appeals / Enclosed Transport
July 08, 2021, 07:23:01 PM
Is anyone on here doing enclosed transport (single car) hauling?  I really don't want to fly/u-haul/drive myself...again...But, if I have to...Roughly pick up in Knoxville TN & deliver to DFW TX (Justin).  Figure ~780 miles.  Flexible on timing.  Maybe targeting mid-August.  PM me if you do this, would be willing or have a solid personal reference (BT&DT) with a carrier.  Thanks folks-
Wanted to Buy / Ok, let's try this...
June 25, 2021, 03:02:38 PM
Ok, so finding a decent 67 Cougar as a starting point for a 67 BME TA replica has been challenging to say the least...  So, thinking about another option...  A steetable (or made streetable) 67 Mustang TA Replica... Not a huge fan of Springtime or Gawd Awful yella.  Prefer white/Red/Blue or maybe Calypso Coral...  Saw the "Pumpkin" when Nagle owned it and it grew on me...  Prefer a stick, well done safe car... Cage is fine.  Can be gutted.  If it's not a steerable motor, can let you keep & we can work on the price to adjust.  Hit me with what you got...  Would also consider a 69 Boss 302 replica as well.  Red or blue preferred...
Replicas and Tribute / Ok, Let me try this...
June 25, 2021, 03:01:17 PM
Ok, so finding a decent 67 Cougar as a starting point for a 67 BME TA replica has been challenging to say the least...  So, thinking about another option...  A steetable (or made streetable) 67 Mustang TA Replica... Not a huge fan of Springtime or Gawd Awful yella.  Prefer white/Red/Blue or maybe Calypso Coral...  Saw the "Pumpkin" when Nagle owned it and it grew on me...  Prefer a stick, well done safe car... Cage is fine.  Can be gutted.  If it's not a steerable motor, can let you keep & we can work on the price to adjust.  Hit me with what you got...  Would also consider a 69 Boss 302 replica as well.  Red or blue preferred...
So, the KH Magstars take a special lug nut...  The Cougar has long wheel studs...I can't use the typical Magstar lug nut.  I'll need an open end.  If anyone know of an after market option with the correct collar size, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction!  Thanks folks!
So, thanks to Vic & Ken in ABQ, I now have the starting point for the Gurney/BME replica....  Thanks for Randy I have the Magstars so it can look like when it was raced @ Green Valley in Keller (aka Smithfield) Texas. 

Now, the hard work begins... I'll be posting what parts I need under Parts wanted to try & keep $$$ with forum members.  I am sure there will be a lot.  Anything I take off that I think will be worthwhile for someone else to use, I'll post under parts for sale.  I have spent the last few days inspecting the car.  It's solid.  One small part of rot on the RR fender well.  If anyone has suggestions for decent paint & metal work in the greater (North) Fort Worth area, I'll take any recommendations.  Same for heavy mechanical.  I don't have a hoist or a engine stand any more...  Oh, I know David Kee does Top Loaders in San Antonio...  Does anyone know who can rebuild a Top Loader in the DFW area?  Need that too.  Think I have a line on a motor.  If interested, I can detail out my plans for the car.
Saw this of all places on LinkedIn today... I'm 60.. I understand...
I am in the DFW area.  Looking for the following.  When I do a replica, I like to do it 'right'.  Will be needing may of these parts/components.  Let me know what you have & what you want please..  Jim was always my immediate go-to when I needed something and none of my local contacts had it.  He always did a great job hooking me up with needed items in the past, and I was extremely sad to learn that he recently passed away.  Glad I took the time to stop by his place in 2012 when I was on a business trip in GB.  RIP Jim!

Also, as far as the aftermarket FI systems (vs. a 715), what are peoples experience?  Looking at ease of use to install/tune/run, and 2). How well do they work on track; e.g. starvation, etc.  Appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you in advance!!!

Wheels (Minilites (Maybe Mag Star's or wide steel wheels?) 15 x 7 front, 15 x 8 Rear

Tires BFG TA's – What size for front/rear that won't rub? How wide can I go?

Distributor; Dual point FoMoCo or period Mallory, Magneto? etc. (something w/o vacuum advance) (May have a period Mallory) Dual Points are just sky-high now...

Intake; open here.  (Believe I have locally, not sure)

Aluminum water pump

Front pulley set, brackets (alternator & AC, etc.) Compressor AC tag, bolts, etc. (Believe I have locally)

High energy alternator w/large pulley (Believe I have sourced)

9" Rear with TracLoc/31 spline; 3.50:1

Drive Shaft (balanced w/new u-joints) (May have locally)

Gas tank (size?). W/FI or w/o?

Carb or EFI kit?

Seats w/mounts (Sparco's/or vintage?)

Door panels?  Or aluminum w/pulls?

3 spoke (67) wheel black or red?

Hood – fiberglass?

Trunk – fiberglass?

289/302 long block. Needs to have the bell crank ball w/28 ounce balance – Stroker?

Headers/exhaust (DST, Tri-Y, Hooker or?) SS or coated?

Kevin Marti stuff (belts/hoses/regulator/solenoid/radiator cap, plug wires, etc.)

Valve covers?  TA/Comp? or?

Canton or Avaid pan (May have 1 local)

Oil Cooler (Harrison Style) or Fluidyne

Talbot mirrors (2)

BME Cougar livery/stickers, etc. (Think I have a go-to for this stuff)

Wanted to Buy / 1967 - 1967 Cougar XR7 Wanted
June 17, 2019, 03:35:15 PM
Hi folks-  Have been away for a while..  Slightly off topic, but looking for a bit of a referral/reference please.  Have my eye open for a 67 or 68 XR7, 289/302, prefer a 4bbl; but a 2bbl would work, with a 3 speed automatic, AC is a must-have in the DFW area.  Prefer bucket seats, not a bench.  All original/not model/resto-modded.  Just not much I can find locally (DFW area) right now. Would prefer a running/driving car.  Going a slightly different direction, would also consider a Bud Moore/Dan Gurney 'replica' Cougar if at least reasonably cosmetically accurate; auto/4 speed/5 speed is fine. Really don't want a project.  Too old now for that!  Appreciate any leads.