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Wanted to Buy / Re: WTB 69 GT500 ram air seal
March 12, 2024, 11:14:37 PM
I'm in need of one too
Misc. For Sale / Auto Twirler mustang body cart
March 04, 2024, 09:57:53 PM
$400.  Local pickup.  45 minutes west of Ft Worth.  PM if interested
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: 69 Roll bar
February 22, 2024, 07:43:03 PM
Bare metal is 1.75"
Rubber coated area is 2.00 - 2.15
Bill, PM sent
Appeals / Re: Cobra Jet camshaft recommendations
December 02, 2023, 10:21:11 AM
One option is to contact Brent Lykins and let him specify and source you a custom cam.  Cost will not be much (if any) more than an off the shelf cam .  He's a Comp cams vendor.  He's well respected on FE engine forums.   Comp will grind cam per his spec and drop ship directly to you.  I've typically received custom camshafts thru brent in 7-10 days.

Brent has quite a few youtube dyno videos that are fun and informative to watch.

1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: cannister bracket
August 03, 2023, 08:34:15 AM
Photo of my 2/26/69 build.  Original quarters and metal back there.
Yep.  That's where the one in my photo came from
more photos
more photos
I'd like to hear expert opinions about the antenna in these photos.  Specifically the antenna that i've labeled as "maybe original".    The other antenna in the photos i recently bought from ebay vendor that routinely sells inoperative (but nice) version of the original.   Also i'd like to hear opinions re: the coax cable.   Thanks
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Part numbers
April 23, 2023, 09:38:28 AM
The number on headlight bucket can be seen in this photo during disassembly.   Now that this area of my car is assembled,  i can reach up and feel the embossed numbers but they aren't visible.

My valance has S9ms number on the backside of where i show the blue tape in my photo.

Where on the truck lid did you find numbers
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Part numbers
April 22, 2023, 04:27:53 PM
Are you referring to any particular part(s) ?   The unique shelby part numbers are easy to find on the hood, front fenders and front valance.  The part numbers have S9MS prefix.   

In the photos i post,  the number is found on opposite side of the blue tape.

The numbers on the headlight buckets aren't visible unless part is off the car. 

I don't see a part number on my trunk lid nor on my taillight panel. 

if you post pictures of parts (especially the backside),  folks on this site can identify reproduction parts
Is there a preferred insulation/sealer product that folks are using to spray the firewall per the application discussed in this thread ? 
A couple measurements from mine.