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Our daughter-in-law works for the group that has the listing on the track and let me know that it is formally for sale.

There are a ton of stories and history involving Shelby's cars racing at Willow Springs. So much so that the first picture you see when you click on the link is of a '66 GT350 running on the track.
Up For Auction / Holley Carb on CL C8OF-9510-AB dated 861
December 10, 2023, 10:42:53 PM
This Holley carb is not mine but I came across it on the local Craigslist. The seller appears to knowledgable as he recommends Drew P for the rebuild. And scores bonus points for listing the numbers on the metering blocks so the buyer is informed.
Here is a link to a '67 GT500 for sale on Craigslist in Henderson, NV. 4 speed, lime, black interior, outboards, no stripes, offered at $199,980.

Up For Auction / 32 Gallon Fuel Tank on CL
November 13, 2023, 11:42:24 PM
Not mine but thought I would post for comment and on the very, very long shot this may be a unicorn part that came out of an R Model or belongs in an R Model or Trans Am coupe. The baffles inside the tank are very intriguing.
I saw this on the local Craigslist, not mine but posting for comment and someone may be interested. Asking $3,000:

NOS new old stock 1968 Shelby GT500 carburetor
Never mounted
Never had fuel
Stamp ID:C8ZX 9510 A
F metering block:5719
R metering block:5661

Bill 3 zero 3 3 eight 6 6 two two 8
 I came across this ad on Craigslist for NOS 1967 Shelby (Thunderbird) wheel covers including the center inserts. Comments on if these are original and any details are most welcome.
Up For Auction / Shelby GT350 sign on Craigslist
August 15, 2022, 11:03:26 PM

Hello, I am posting this for comment from the forum. Any background on this? Is it 1960's vintage? Any cool history behind it? Or is it just a tin sign someone made up to sell at a Barret-Jackson booth?  Here is the description:

I have a nice two sided porcelain sign shelby GT-350, I do not know much about it, bought it with a bunch of other Mustang Nos stuff. It is used got scratched and dings in it but the edge has nicks in from being rolled or dropped. A really neat piece of history. This is a heavy metal sign weighs almost 15 pounds. It is not painted and it is 30 inches round. Taking bids on it

Comments are welcome on these rims being original and for a Shelby or not. These are not mine.   Asking price is $3,000.
On 1968 models- would you point out the differences in the convertible top boot that came with the Shelby and those that came with the standard Mustang? The goal of this question is to find out if one can be used as a template to make a boot for the other.
Advertised as a set of tie-down brackets for cars built at the San Jose plant with dual exhaust. Comments welcome.
Up For Auction / CSX-3063 on PCAR Market Auction Site
February 02, 2022, 06:23:39 PM

Shelby Cobra For Sale
1957 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra CSX3063 for sale by dealer, now on PCARMARKET. Chassis #3063 was fitted with custom coachwork by Ghia before being debuted at the Turin Auto Salon and featured in Style Auto #9. The Ghia Cobra was eventually returned to AC Cars for disposal, but was instead built out as a 427 Cobra Roadster and used a demonstration vehicle before it was damaged and tucked back away in AC's workshops. It wasn't until the late 1970s a Mr. Mike McClusky purchased the remains of the Ghia Cobra from AC Cars and shipped them back to his shop in Torrance, California, where its parts were cataloged and stored. The car's frame and parts were eventually sold to Scott Grissom, son of famed astronaut Gus Grissom, in the mid-1980s before being acquired by Steve Foristall of Foristall's GT cars and later purchased by Ted Thomas of Birmingham, Alabama in the late 1980s. Mr. Thomas repaired the chassis on his own frame table and had the car restored before it was shown at the 20th SAAC Convention in bare aluminum, with the notation "Last Comp Chassis" on its nose panel. Finally, in June of 2011, Cobra Restorers Ltd. was commissioned to complete the restoration of #3063 including fresh Viking Blue paint, a newly built 427 engine, and Toploader transmission. Boasting impressive provenance and a beautiful restoration by marque experts, this Shelby 427 Competition Cobra is now being offered for auction by its seller out of Texas.

For additional information, visit
Here is a Craigslist ad for a 1963 Fairlane advertised to have an original K Code driveline

63 k code orig 289 hipo engine, 4 speed, single exhaust, 9" rear 43k orig miles. Not orig radiator or carb. Runs but needs tune and valves adjusted I'm sure. Been sitting many years. Side trim superb, paint is partially original, rust above rear wheels and behind front wheels. Factory reverb in the trunk, drives excellent. I bought from orig owners family and was going to restore but recent health issues is preventing that. Looking for best cash offer or a trade, 1961 through 1972 American car plus or minus cash no projects. If I could do a semi project, this one would be it. If you're inquiring, you know what this is, please make the trade worth you knowing what this is as well. I do like strong cars that need rear tires often...opportunity of a lifetime in my opinion. If you wanted Fords new hipo 289 engine in 1963 you could only get it on a Fairlane or an AC Cobra from Shelby.
Looking for a trade but if cash is all you have make an offer, I don't have a set price. Id put it on ebay if I wanted just cash. Last picture is an email I got from a guy who has 2 of these. Yes the engines go into the 63 cobras and are correct thus the price but it should give an idea of value since I've been asked many times.
This is advertised as 289 HIPO 3623-S Carter X Fuel Pump with Filter Canister with an E3 date code or May 1963.
Not mine. I am posting as these are getting more difficult to find. The top tank looks excellent but the lower part is from an automatic radiator according to the ad.

If someone buys the radiator, or if you have bought a similar radiator recently, would you kindly shoot me a Private Message? I would like to know what the value is on a 4 speed radiator like this.
I am hoping for some education on Holley Power Valves and Gaskets in general. And what is recommended on a Holley 715 carburetor on a GT350.
    Pictured are three styles of Holley power valves. One has two rectangular windows, one has four rectangular windows and one has four round holes. What are the advantages to each? Which should be used on the Holley 715 carb?
      The second picture shows two styles of Power Valve Gaskets. One is a simple, round gasket and the other is a round gasket with three tabs. Which gasket works with the above power valves? Are they interchangeable? Are there different thicknesses of PV gaskets?
Thanks in advance.
Not mine but posting as someone may have interest. Not sure on the value of the 1st editions, can anyone comment?
I would like to change the transmission fluid in the T-10 and the plugs are being difficult to remove. They are a four-sided plug so standard box wrenches and sockets don't fit. It there a special tool for this job? If so, what is it called and any lead to a part number and who makes it would be appreciated. I am thinking a four-sided box wrench or socket that could take some force and not round the fitting would be the ticket. Thanks for any suggestions.