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Just a shout out for Tim and his restoration of my HP-6 Vac. Advance. Tim reached out to me to advise and offer his restoration services for my advance after I had put out an inquiry about its restoration. I'm speaking to the choir about Tim here, but the job was exceptional and he even included two new mounting screws and a new "c" clip.......  Nice.

Thanks  Tim

This is not my listing, I noticed it on eBay this morning. Here's the description:   

An original 68 Shelby owners manual for Shelby 04222. Includes the original owners name , address, purchase date and the selling dealers name. It is in Fair Condition with normal wear but no torn pages. No reserve and  free shipping.

This is not my auction - Just looked at this on eBay. Listed as Buy-it-now for $650. Info written in the cover lists: VIN:  8T03J165395-0210    Selling Dealer: Downey Auto Center out of CA.

Appeals / Vacuum Advance Rebuilding
March 03, 2020, 01:27:07 PM
  I've been looking for a person or company that does vacuum advance rebuilding without success. I have an HP-6 advance needing a repair/rebuild. I went to Tim O'Conner's website to find an advisement he is:  "CLOSED until further notice. Please do not send at this time." I did find a company in Australia that appears to do this rebuild, but I'm not inclined to send out of the county. Someone have a source?

  Ok, I just purchased an original Holley C80F-9510-AA carb and will be looking to have it restored. Does anyone have a good, reputable shop they have used? I've sent an inquiry to the Holley Custom Speed Shop on their services today.    :)

  Just wanted some opinions on this as I believe it is a Ford service part.  I just picked this starter delay up yesterday. The seller had it labeled as a "reproduction" and that it had never been used. I believe the never used to be accurate, but I don't think I'd have labeled it a reproduction.     :D


SAAC-43 / Embassy Suites San Rafael Opening
July 26, 2018, 06:39:21 PM
Hey all;     Wanted to advise that due to an unexpected medical issue I've had to cancel attending next weekends upcoming festivities  :(    That said I just cancelled my reservation at the host hotel, so there is an opening. They may already have a waiting list for any cancellations but if not, I wanted someone to have the opportunity to get the room. 

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!  I know it will be fun.

Is the owner of the Shelby listed above here on the site? May have good news for you. Your Shelby would have been purchased originally from Bill Watkins Ford.
Folks from the Northwest. How many of us are heading south to Sonoma to  SAAC 43 in late July early August 2018?
SAAC-43 / General Convention Info Wanted
February 16, 2018, 11:52:34 PM
Hi Everyone. New to the Forum. Just a few questions I'm sure you seasoned veterans can fill me in on regarding attending the SAAC Convention upcoming in CA. I've secured a room at the host hotel in California. This will be my first convention and I will be trailering the KR in from Seattle to attend. But I do not know the general protocol. I understand that there will be security overnight at the hotel. But do you drive the truck & trailer there and unload the car, or is that done at the track? Are the cars kept at the hotel parking lot strictly untrailerd or are they trailered every day? I might be jumping the gun a little, as there may be info forthcoming, but I'm excited to attend and make sure I don't create problems when I get there.  Thanks for your responses & insight.