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Just a shout out for Tim and his restoration of my HP-6 Vac. Advance. Tim reached out to me to advise and offer his restoration services for my advance after I had put out an inquiry about its restoration. I'm speaking to the choir about Tim here, but the job was exceptional and he even included two new mounting screws and a new "c" clip.......  Nice.

Thanks  Tim

You said to ask........... So, do you restore Vacuum advances?

This is not my listing, I noticed it on eBay this morning. Here's the description:   

An original 68 Shelby owners manual for Shelby 04222. Includes the original owners name , address, purchase date and the selling dealers name. It is in Fair Condition with normal wear but no torn pages. No reserve and  free shipping.

Rec'd mine a couple of days ago, nicely done! 
This is not my auction - Just looked at this on eBay. Listed as Buy-it-now for $650. Info written in the cover lists: VIN:  8T03J165395-0210    Selling Dealer: Downey Auto Center out of CA.

Thanks... Ordered   :)
Appeals / Re: Vacuum Advance Rebuilding
March 09, 2020, 11:21:07 AM
Thanks for the number   8)
Appeals / Vacuum Advance Rebuilding
March 03, 2020, 01:27:07 PM
  I've been looking for a person or company that does vacuum advance rebuilding without success. I have an HP-6 advance needing a repair/rebuild. I went to Tim O'Conner's website to find an advisement he is:  "CLOSED until further notice. Please do not send at this time." I did find a company in Australia that appears to do this rebuild, but I'm not inclined to send out of the county. Someone have a source?

  So I've had my KR for a few years now. This might be simplistic and I would think noticeable, but when I first got the car I noted a good amount heat coming up thru the 4 speed shifter area. The rubber boot that covers the mechanism under the floor was missing. Replaced that and had a noticeable decrease in cabin heat.   8)
Quote from: 2112 on August 23, 2019, 09:52:06 PM
I wish he had a real website, can not stand Facebook.

So, I was looking up Drew to see a way to contact him. I did not find a way to do so. I am not on Facebook. So, is there another option to contact him??
Thanks everyone.......  Appreciate the responses!  (so far)   ;)     :)
  Ok, I just purchased an original Holley C80F-9510-AA carb and will be looking to have it restored. Does anyone have a good, reputable shop they have used? I've sent an inquiry to the Holley Custom Speed Shop on their services today.    :)

Quote from: Scott Fuller on July 03, 2019, 08:57:39 PM
No Autolite or FoMoCo stamps on starter delays.

It's a service part not a reproduction. 


Scott... Just curious. I looked at the photos on your website of the original starter delays you have documented and didnt observe stamping(s) on them. Are they faded away from age,  or  just not applied from the factory?   

Thanks for the responses gentlemen. I know that Scott Fuller reproductions sells a "Starter Delay Parts Package" with the screws, gasket, & the wire lead. Not sure on how to go about any ink stamping however.
  Just wanted some opinions on this as I believe it is a Ford service part.  I just picked this starter delay up yesterday. The seller had it labeled as a "reproduction" and that it had never been used. I believe the never used to be accurate, but I don't think I'd have labeled it a reproduction.     :D