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Topics - Mustangjimi

I have two rims that I wanted to verify as Shelby rims as per your 2020 post.

They are marked as follows:

1968 15" Shelby Steel Rims

Outside Rim face: (@valve stem )
K2 (over) 8 Date coded 3/21/68  3 21 E1

Rim face in bolt circle: Fomoco B 3 TC K2 (over) 8

Inside rim ring:
Ke ls ey Ha ye s Ca na da M
N   15 X 6  JJ  3    21.    F (over) D.    T (over) C.     K2 (over) 8

Pink Paint Daubs (inside rim)

I was going to make them my trunk spare's for my 67 GT350 (clone)