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Quote from: roddster on May 13, 2024, 09:58:25 AMIs your 67 350 a hubcap car? The ones that came with Magstars or ten spokes would have the spare wheel match.

 My car is an original GT fastback with air, parchment interior 289 4 speed. Yes it came with hubcaps over 14-in steel wheels.
Anyway for me it was a good find because I needed 15 in rims. And how about being so close but no cigar!
 Ok, thank you for your help. I see the small hole as well as square "pads" at the lugs on the back side as the difference. I guess these rims were same factory and exact same time. Any idea what car they would have come from, a Fairlane or other large Ford...

 In this picture the Shelby rim is on the left. The two rims I found are on the right and clearly have the larger hole.
 Shelby rim on the left also has flat pads at the lug nuts in the picture.
 Thanks for your help guys!

Following statement is from your previous 2020 post. I reread it and understand.

 "Center hole should be round and just under 2 1/2 inches. There are some Ford wheels that have a larger center hole, but they are not correct"
I have two rims that I wanted to verify as Shelby rims as per your 2020 post.

They are marked as follows:

1968 15" Shelby Steel Rims

Outside Rim face: (@valve stem )
K2 (over) 8 Date coded 3/21/68  3 21 E1

Rim face in bolt circle: Fomoco B 3 TC K2 (over) 8

Inside rim ring:
Ke ls ey Ha ye s Ca na da M
N   15 X 6  JJ  3    21.    F (over) D.    T (over) C.     K2 (over) 8

Pink Paint Daubs (inside rim)

I was going to make them my trunk spare's for my 67 GT350 (clone)