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Hello together,

i came up with some Pic from Ebay from a Negative Roll ...

i had contact with the seller, the roll was development in 10/1966, also the Pics are time period correct
and the cars must be factory new...

First Strange Thing is, that the GT350 have a KAMM Styled Spoiler rear deck,
i only know 2 other Mustangs with a time period Spoiler like this,
one was 5s319 mocked up for the Open House Event on LAX and later given to Charlie McHose
the second one is the Mustang of Alex Tremulis Wife

on the Edge of the Pic you see also a red 66 GT350

and of course, there is a 427 Cobra, is it a Competition Model ?
the driver really hit the pedal to the metal

I would love to find out which SFM and CSX Numbers the Cars are

Any ideas, any thoughts are welcome

Greets from Germany


The GT350 License Plate says P?? 816 as fare as i can read it, note the extra long radio antenna

Same Pic from the other side --- note the red GT350 with the Kid

two pic from the Cobra, what a beast - Competition or S/C ?

Hello together,

i was long gone from Shelby Stuff and the Forum, but a few weeks ago i came back and was again
on fire for new Shelby stuff.

I found this nice Mag vom England (United Kingdom) and buyed it blind...
i have it just a few hours and i am happy again to find something i never saw befor
(hopefully it is new for you too)

The combination of a Carryover GT350 + SAI MFG013 License Plate + testing of LAX behind the Blast Wall and the Fence
is a wonderfull and all i hoped to get

The Plate is hard to read, but i rememberd on 6s120 as a Carryover Car and even wearing the MFG013 Plate on the End of 65
on the Cobra Caravan Tour as a support Car.

i made a comparsion and i really suggest and think that the Plate is 2S MFG 013 and the Car is 6s120 on a very early or even
fresh date from about End of September or early October in 1965
Anybody have Production Time from 6s120 from a newer Registry to confirm ?

The Text speaks about some markable Lines such:
"First European Car Journal to test the new 66 Shelby"
"Test drive about 800 Miles, on street and Riverside Raceway"
"Car is a 4 Speed"
"Shelbys come soon about Dealers in the UK"

So, i hope you have fun and can leave some comments

Greets from Germany


Hello together,

i have found a nice coloured Pic of a Race Cobra an a very empty LAX backround,
of course i found no time code but this is what am i looking for...

I think it could be CSX 3016 ???

the car was unsold , then a Show Car and then sold to Bob Grossmann

but i also heard that it could be CSX2022 or CSX3106 ????

on the set of this Pics i also found a GT350 R Model pic from i think was also made
at the same time and location ...

Any Ideas and Comments are welcome.

Greets from Germany


Detailed Pic
very empty for the hole finished Production Aera where normally stands rows of GT350

same car, same location but in black/white with no backround

and the "R" Model GT350 with the same location, same time frame

with more backround, which i think is the same location as the first pic of the Cobra

i found a "Motor Racing" Car Mag from Britain which is from 12 / 65

the Articel has a lot known PR Pics for 66 GT350 Production.

But one pic is very interesting...

we see a CSX3000 Cobra with a dark paint and a white paint over or under it ...
looks like a snake change his skin  ;)

The Articel is surley made befor 12/65
we see a 66 GT350,
the Car has to be a Carryover Car because the first GT350 based on 66 chassis
was made after 1965

Any thought are welcome


Stephan from Germany

enlarged and lighted up

Hello together,

i hope to find more information about the Cobra shown on the Pics from Gas Station in LAX

- the 65 GT350 i cant identify
- both cars wears License Plates
- the Cobra has 1? DLR 4101 License Plate, which means it was registerd at "Hi-Performance Cars"
  from Shelby and Lew Spencer

i am not very good in all the technial things but i try to named it

- the car has a dark paint, maybe black
- the car wears halibrand wheels
- it is not a automatic
- it is a street model

is that engine setup normal or something special ?

When we found the Number of the Car, i can read the Time Frame when the shooting
was made on the LAX, which should be a good story for my LAX Thread.

Thanks for all, any thoughts are welcome

Greetings from Germany



after a while and inspired by an articel i read in the SAAC Magazin about some Carryover Cars i would
like to ask if anybody has tryed to read the Numbers on the Windshield Papers from this famous

the Pic is in the 1965 Press Pack which was given to sales staff on 1965 06 08 Open House Event

i would also liked to ask if someone has a really good High resolution Version of this Pic...

Thanks for any help and thoughts



after a while i found this "New to me" Car Mag seen on Ebay French ...

i found the Cover really nice and hoped for more Pics inside, i bet a lot of money for it and
when it come from French i was a little bit dissapointed ...

Only 3 Pics from a Shelby GT350 ...

But i found out more and more of the Mag, a little bit of the Story and want to share with you,
to hope found found something new for you and more Information for me...

A Win-Win Situation

First of all, the Mag is written in French, BUT it is a BELGIUM Mag (French is one of 3 official language in Belgium)
the Cover Shoot looks really nice to me

inside it have not only the GT350 Story, also there is a CS Biography and a Cobra / GT40 Test
here a quick overview

and now the interesting Part, the riddles and the fun begins ...

Normally in other Euro Car Mag i have, the importeur (Intersport, Performance Cars LTD) shows a advertisment,
i hope to found something else in this Mag...
Was i found was a 66 GT350 Advertisment, but no Importeur or Ford Belgium was written to contact ...

the "Street Test" Shows only ONE Pic from the GT350 backside ...
a lot of unkown things apear ...

i see the round little reflectors about the back lights but the Stickers are totally unkown for me ...
(Exepct the round Cobra Sticker), also the License Plate is unkown to me

What i see it is a Carryover Car and from the Cover it has Cragars mounted...

The GT350 Story ends here ...
Luckywise there is a text about Shelby Cars over all and we see the Cobra 427 Streetcar
what we see is a "photomontage" of a GT350 Competition reflected on the GT350's door.

please noted the on the side of the Cobra is also showed the same, unkown sticker
as in the rear of the GT350

The Best Site is in colour and shows the GT350 driven hard, the Cobra on Full Speed and the GT40 #97 rolling
Wonderfull Pics in motion...

on the GT350 we can see the Rear Site in Colour that shows us the sticker a little bit more
but not good enough to identify for me.

the Cobra 427 wears english license Plate (like i see it on PR Cars from F.A.V like the GT40 street cars)

and the GT40

So, what do you think, what do you know or even suggested...
Can you identify the cars by here Vin ?

Share your thoughts with me

At the End i am happy to buyed and have fun together with you

Greets from Germany


Hello all,

hope you can and want to help me a little bit.

I am looking for time correct Pics of the "Super Daytona Coupe"

i have found a few on my own search but i am not sure, when the Shoot was,
for sure the Car stands on LAX

Above all, I'm looking for a larger or better resolution of this photo

other Pics i have

This Pic says "JUNE 65" in the title

not sure if this pic is time correct, what do you think ?

Thanks for all

Greets from Germany

Shelbys in France
Search for information

Hi everyone, I am looking for all information about the 1965-1970 Shelby GT350 / GT500 that were originally sold in France or were registered for the first time.

I've already done a little research and know INTER-SPORT
who was the general importer, I have read from 11 6 1966 Shelbys, some of which were officially reported via Ford Advance Vehicel in England.

So I'm looking for several things and hope for your interest and support.

-Is there any pictures of the INTER-SPORT company at the known address ???
-are the Shelbys in the pictures to be assigned to the Shelbys Vin?

Thanks in advance,
Greetings from Germany.


Bild "screenshot_2020-11-08f7jqb.png" anzeigen.

License Plate "398 SR 75"
Personal car from Mr. Schlesser? shown here
in official advertising and with daughter Chantal Schlesser

License Plate: "373 GY 73"
Mr. Jean Deroudille

Louis Rustin

Monthery Rally 1966 Ivy Green

Rally de Tulipes 66 Control de Saint Maurice sur Moselle


i had a question about a point of Time.

when did the first batch of 427 chassis was deliverd on LAX from England ???

I have this early bird view pic which we see around 30 something chassis in the sun...
this was shortly befor June 1965

the Cobras stands pretty much during mostly all Pics from LAX somewhere in the backround
until all was produced.

on the other side i have this Pic from a GT350R on LAX from a articel made July 1965
but i am not sure, because no Cobras in the backround, but we can clearly see the blastwall
to the end.

So i suggest that the Pic was made befor first Cobras was landed

What do you think ???

Greets from Germany


i am looking for better scan of the the two articel about 1966 Shelbys

For me from Germany it is very hard to buy it and ship to me.

Hopefully somebody can help here.

Greets from Germany


for me from Germany it is difficult to find and collect origin Car Mags from back of days,
for US Car Mags it is nearly impossible, but for European Car Mags it is sometimes possible...

This Car Mags was something of a neckbreaker for me ... because i have to buy it twice.
First was sent from Itlay, but the Shelby test wasnt inside of mag, the seller give me the money
back but for me the Shelby Test was more important.

For a While i find it again, but the sending cost was horrible high for only a car mag ...
but i do it again and was very nice surprised because the Pics are clear and the mag is oversized to
usual german car mags ...

so another GT350 after 5S114 (the Car from Le Mans to Modena) was sent to Italy and was tested hard.

let us together have a closer look.

Hope you enjoy and see something new for you.

The Car Mag ist from November 1966, the test was usually 2-3 Month befor in Italy

the GT350 has still his origin Shelby license Plate " 3H MFG 013 "
Very nice to know would be the origin SFM Vin, anybody can help ???

first it was tested on the Autodrome VALLELUNGA (in the near of main City from Italy, ROMA)
and have a very unusal front mounted measuring antenna in the test all possible datas was tested

the second test was made on public road and even on a very curved hill climbing street with tight corners
you can still see a cable coming out of the grill for the measure antenna holding

a closer look on the standing Pics showed a big Auto Italiana Sticker on the front (normally Magnetic) but also
small "Goodyear" Stickers on the front fender and the back panel
this is very similar to 5S114, but the stickers smaller
a little bit funny is the mounting of the USA Plate, but this was necessary for Cars inside Europe outside from the own country,

Any comments or thoughts ?

i am not often here in this section but i found some, new to me, old Articel in some newspaper
with some pics ....

what do you think, can you named the Cobra

MotorRacing 16 February 1962

Autoweek 14 April 1962


i want to open a new thread with a special GT350 because it was on a trip across Europe...

and because i live in Germany, and GT350s was back in the Days very special here, for me
it is worth to do an own thread about.

Of Course, the Car that i mean is SFM 5S114

first i want and have to thank a lot of people for pre Infos and sources:
Richstang, SFM66H (Kieth), Howard Pardee

but i still search for Infos and Pics, so when you have anything please send me a message
or write it here

Most important at the moment would the two Articel shown in SAAC Magazin "The Shelby American" 36 & 37
with some pics of the Test by Fangio and Notes from Peter Brock

What i know from the Registry that 5S114 was build by SAI
in March 65 on LAX and was officially for Export to the Count Fillipinetti (Scuderia Fillipinetti)
in Geneva, Switzerland

This was done by Ship "M.S. Lista" from New York to Le Havre in French, dated 5 / 14 / 65
a month befor LeMans65 was on June

LeHavre was a very big port, where even big Container Ship could go in French

But befor given to Filipinetti the Car made an special Route to several Station,
the early Pic i know was dated in 5 / 65 befor the Eifeltower in Paris,
LeHavre to Paris is about 120 Miles

We can see the Car very clean and fresh befor the Eifeltower in Paris,

please note the (later important) License Plate in Paris: 1A MFG 013
which indicate the Car is direct to SAI (Manufactor Plate) and even
insured and registerd over SAI in America

second note: the Mustang Emblem in the Front grill is missing at this pic

So what you Thoughts about this, intersting or just old cold cofee,
soon i will go to LeMans65 and then the journey would really begin

Greets from Germany

i am not very close to Ford GT or GT40 history but i hope to show some interessting

in Switzerland the Importeur for Shelby was "Performance Cars Ltd." wich was
ruled by Georges Filipinetti
he has the Scuderia Filipinetti and ran with different Drivers some GT40, even in LeMans

The Test Drive and Shooting must be nearly at the same Day, Test was shown in September 1966
all Pics shown P/1033 after the reworked from Custom Body Specialist "Graber" and ready to sell on public,
Colour was Silver/Black and was later Shown on Geneva Auto Show in 1967

i would like to show first an overview from Performance Cars Ltd. Headquarter

P/1033 "Graber"

from back to front: 66GT350 / Ford Cortina / P/1013 Ford Press Car / P/1033 "Graber"
the pic was made on the outside Place from Performance Cars between HQ and the little Skysraper Building

Advertisment befor the Motor Show of Geneva in 1966 for adress

First i like to show the Pics from P/1013 "Ford Press Car" with englisch License Plate OVX 355 D

Pic in the outside Parking Lot from Performance Cars, same Time Code like the Group Photo
very good seen in the cement flooring

for the ride on Switzerland Autobahn / Highway the car was registered for the Switzerland Car Magazin
with Switzerland License Plates just fixed over the englisch license Plate ...

in the Car Magazin stand the they rides about 250 Kilometres ( 155 Miles )  which seems a pretty long test ride

on a different place the Car was also screwed up to show full technical Details,
most Closeup Pics was used for showing the difference between normal "Street" and "Graber Custom"

a very interesting and cryptic Pic was found with this sticker,
anybody knows what that has to say
i read "Last Day to shown" "1966" "17-10"

Funny Fact, the Test Driver was pretty high and this shows perfect how small 40 inches was ...

What do you think about that ??? all known or something new ...

Second Part with P/1033 "Graber" comes tomorrow, in Germany it is 2 a.m.

Greets from Germany

Stephan  :)

28 / 10 / 2020 together we find so much new content and read about several Events from 66 and 67,
so i decided to make new notes to the posted Pics.


on my research i found an interessting point in Time for 1966

every year in GENEVA (Genf) in Switzerland is a big car Show from Europe
with several presentation and cars to show.

in 1966 the show was from 10 to 20 March and the Car dealer
Performance Cars Ltd. who was founded in 1965 from George Filipinetti (Scuderia Filipinetti)

in the Preliminary report on the show there was shown a big advertisment
from Performance Ltd. and GT350, GT40street and Cobra 427 was anouncend,
but with wrong Pics from 1965 GT350, Ford GT MKI and 427 Cobra

On the Show the Cars was shown on two diffirent places and i found some
pretty good Pics ...

the GT350 in black ?, anybody knows the Vin ?
EDITH 28 / 10 / 2020 pic was from the 66 Paris Auto Show (Mondial de l'automobile de Paris)

and the GT40street
EDITH 28 / 10 / 2020 pic was from the 66 Paris Auto Show (Mondial de l'automobile de Paris) Car was P/1051 Ford Press Car
in gold colour

on the 2nd place the GT40 Race from the Scuderia was shown

later raced on Le Mans 66 but have a damage on right fender

from the Cobra on the Show i didnt find any pics but i am searching on for this...
Edith 28 / 10 / 2020 - clearly to see at the coloured Pic from Richstang

another Pics shows the HQ from Performance Cars Ltd.

the GT40street was later tested from German Car Magazin "Auto,Motor und Sport" on the streets

Edith 28 / 10 / 2020 the test from P/1051 was on english roads, inside the black panel we can see "Performance Cars Ltd. with the finished P/1033 by Graber

So what you think ?
Interesting or just cold coffee ..


Found this on European Ebay ...

the Pic is well known, is the Advertisment also known?

i find it nicely design

Greets from Germany



i asked me if there was any publication from coloured Hertz Cars was on a Magazin, Newspaper
or so ... was this coloured one known to the public ???

I know that it stand nearly 800 black to 200 coloured cars but what this only a production
thing and on one point Hertz says: Go back to black

(SAI itself has it recorded by production data code ? )

sorry when it is a almost known fact and i dont know it right

Here a Pic from 1.18 Modelcars


i decided to start another Thread of one of my favourite Shelby Vehicels and a magic Point in Shelby Timeline...

Somedays i found this one magic coloured Pic from GT/108

and it was just blow me away... where was it, when was it, why there are no other Pics found

this was nearly 1 Year ago from now and i was very new in this hole Pic Research Thing...
but for me it was just "WOW"

Time goes on and luckywise i found new pics and sources and learned a lot from Richstang
and reading in books.

very similar to the first, but other Persons

last of the first batch was for me the Point for more questions and less answers i hoped too find...

Fantastic in Colour, and the same spot and date from the first one,
but we see more Cars, more Details.

and because of that "Hi-Performance Motors" Sign on the Windscreen i was a little bit confused

i remember a Pic from the HF Database, there title was USRRC Riverside Raceway, May 1&2 1965

we see clearly a lot of Cars on the Start/Finish Line from Riverside,
but not all has Racenumbers, and so i am wondering because why stands all this Cars on
the raceway, there must be a "Shelby Promo Tour" or something like this.
Cars i see:

from left to right
GT350 R - Vin unknown (maybe 5R002)
GT Roadster - GT/108
GT350 (only the rear bumper)
Race Cobra Nr. x98 - CSX 2431 (experimental Cobra)
white Cobra - Vin unkown

Please note this open ATLAS Caravan in the backround, important for other Pics later seen

Edith 23.09.2020
right Pic for x98 Race Cobra CSX2431 on the USRRC Event

other Pics shown a camera Team, but not one of the cars shown befor, but it drives me crazy
and so i hit the internet ... some little news come with the Petersen Archiv Pics

on this award ceremony we see a white Cobra and a GT350 befor the ATLAS Caravan

i hoped to see the other Shelby Cars but on different other Pics around the Start/Finish Line but nothing more to see

but from other Pics we know that some GT350 Street was on the Event

Enough for today, hope you have fun and share some thoughts

in the Next few days we will have a closer look at USRRC Laguna Seca Race with some (hopefully new to you) Pics...

Greets from Germany


i found this Pic with the two Ladys ...

for sure it is a Daytona Coupe, but could you explain me which have the
"Daytona" Sign on the front fender.

I am not confirmed in the hole Daytona history
so i hope for your help

also i looked for a "Skeetch" i am once seen on the Internet where
all Daytonas shown in the different Livery on the races.

Maybe somebody knows what i mean ???

Thanks a lot for helping a newbie in the Game

Greets from Germany

Stephan / Szabo